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'SNL' spoofs Donald Trump's indictment

Saturday Night Live Chat with

now to discuss some of the week’s big news Donald Trump’s indictment alleges payments related to payments made during the 1235364412 presidential campaign to suppress claims of extramarital sexual encounters.

James Austin Johnson returns to Trump role, mentions Taylor Swift hit in cold opening “The anti-hero,” he said, “It’s me, hey, I’m the problem, it’s me.”

“Guys, it happened. I got sued, Or as I spell it: indicated,” he said. “Frankly, it’s time for me to come clean and admit that I broke the law and went quietly to jail. April Fools! That was a prank. I’m doing Jim from Office.”

He continued, “Make no mistake. What the Radical Left Democrats have done to me is worse than any crime I have ever committed, and I have committed A lot of crimes. Similar 34.”

Johnson’s Trump went on to say that people may have noticed By the time he’d been opening with his song “Justice for All,” joking that it was the first song to beat Miley Cyrus’ “Flower,” “you know, it’s about Liam [ Hemsworth] (Liam [Hemsworth]).” Since his songs are bringing in a lot of money, he says he’s releasing an album called Now That’s What I Call My Legal Defense Fund aka Trump Bopz’s album featuring “all the hits”

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