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Soar through the sky!The second ending of the pretty girl animation has been aired


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), this18 The () TV anime series started broadcasting a clean version of the anime’s second ending credits on Wednesday. The sequence features the song “Dear Shine Sky” by Yoshitake Chihaya . The song and the new ending sequence debuted in the anime 18 Episode 2 July 2nd.

precure2023_key©ABC-A・Toei anime shon

    The animation premiered on

      Asahi Broadcasting Corporation ) TV station,

        TV Asahi

        and . Crunchyroll

        is playing this anime in Japan.

        The main actors are:

          played by Guan Genming Sora Harewataaru/Cure Sky, the Pre 天道健康 Ai Kakuma as Mashiro Nijigaoka/Cure Prism, the Pre

        Healing Light

        Ayumi Murase

        as Yu Nagi Tsubasa / Cure Wing, the first male Nanase Ayaka as Shang Yu Sheng / Healing Butterfly, a recent adult, aged -age Furukawa Aoi as Ellee

      The theme of the new animation is “Sky” and the theme is “Heroes.” The city of Sorashido surrounded by nature. One day, the young Princess Ellie of Skyland was snatched by monsters from the Andeg Empire. Sora Harewataaru is a brave girl who aspires to be a hero. She followed the princess into a mysterious cave and appeared in another world in the city of Kong Rahu. Sora meets Nijigao Mashiro, a second-year junior high school girl, and lives with Ellie at Mashiro’s house.

      Koji Ogawa (, , , ) Back franchise as new animated series director at Toei Animation

      . Ryunosuke Ryunosuke (, , ) is responsible for the script of the series, Jun Saito (, ) is designing the character.

      Miki Imai is an art designer, Aya Tsukakuchi is the chief artist. Kumiko Yanagisawa is a chroma key artist. Erika Fukasawa (assistant) is composing.

      450 Source: Anime Website, MoCa News 640




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