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Sofia Coppola, Giorgio Armani, Willow Smith and More Remember Karl Lagerfeld

“Karl is very funny, witty, brilliant, but what amazes me the most is his loyalty. That’s really rare these days. Chanel is also famous for it, and it keeps its people forever.

I first met Karl at 20. I did casting for the show and his team kept me on for a whole month so he could It was possible to create this collection on me. It made a big impression on me because I’m French and the house is very iconic. With Karl… I always felt like I had to be at his level – This is out of reach! But when I was with him, I found that he was also joking all day long. In the 1990 era, it was full of supermodel star designers, and Karl was a superstar.

We are at

. I was doing a radio show and he walked into my radio van and he was supposed to stay for five minutes but he ended up staying 20 to talk about his relationship to music and fashion. When he was a kid, his mother played the violin and he would flip through sheet music. I hadn’t seen him in years, and a week later his team invited me to the The cruise show later. And just like that, I started working in fashion again and collaborating with Chanel again. It was a great honor — and surprise — to be asked. I was 35, it was a different age then. I wasn’t ready to go back into fashion. I had my own life: I was a mother, I was an entrepreneur.

But it was more fun to go back, Because I have something to say, something to share with Karl. It’s a mature relationship where you can talk about life and literature in a way that I couldn’t when 20. Carl is very generous – to me, to his team, to his friends. His loyalty is part of that generosity, and in turn, you never want to let him down; you want to keep bringing him stuff. But tease him It’s easier to laugh than to impress him with your knowledge.”



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