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Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge's Star-studded Wedding in the South of France

Rabbi Thomas Solomon officiated at a traditional Jewish wedding in homage to the iconic setting of the Hotel du Cap. “It’s very important to Elliott’s family and to me because I’ve converted and it’s a traditional Jewish ceremony,” Sophia said. “Legally, we had to get married in the US beforehand, so just before [we traveled to France] we got married at home with our parents. We said our vows at the time because we felt it was very personal and just us family can be heard and experienced in the privacy of our home.”

Afterwards, the guests gathered for cocktails, dinner, and presentations, with the bride’s sister, Nicole, hosting the entire night. “It was hysterical,” Sofia said. “It was full of comedy. My dad, Elliott’s dad, and Elliott’s best friend Jack, gave incredible speeches. Very sweet – it was unbelievable!”

After dinner, Sofia changed into a fun, flirty Claudia Schiffer-inspired Chanel look. “We redesigned the Claudia Schiffer corset dress from an earlier 90 era,” she explains. “And then I’m ready to dance with the one I love until the sun comes up.” With that in mind, the bride’s father performed two of his daughter’s favorite songs at the wedding. “My favorites have always been ‘Hello’ and ‘Stuck on You,'” Sofia said. “I always said our first dance partner to ‘Stuck on You’ would be a dream – ‘Hello’ was a surprise and the whole room sang along.”

Afterwards – The party has a nightclub-style vibe, featuring a performance by Good Charlotte, whom Sofia and Elliot grew up hearing. “Obviously, I did because they’re family,” she said, referring to Nicole’s husband, the band’s frontman Joel Madden. “Elliot was a huge Good Charlotte fan when he was little, and Joel and Elliot were like brothers. Anyway, they haven’t played in five years, and they brought the band out of Nashville and Los Angeles, and that was the funnest thing I’ve ever done “One of our nights. They were real rock stars. Between my dad and good Charlotte, it was unbelievable. Most importantly, it really felt like family, which is exactly what we wanted Wanted wedding feeling.”

Family and friends danced until 3 a.m. before the newlyweds — and their bridesmaids and groomsmen — finally got back to the wedding that morning. The same villa that started some time ago. “We looked back on the night and ordered big bowls of pasta and every French dish you can imagine,” Sofia said. “We just sat around looking back until the morning. It was great!” For Sofia, it ultimately reflected on how she handled the whole celebration. “One piece of advice I’ve received throughout the wedding weekend is to look around and really feel all the love around us – because it’s so rare and special to have all of our loved ones in one place.”



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