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Sofia Richie's Chic Nude Nail Polish Is Just $10

A typical summer manicure might just be unisex. So far, 2520 Marked by high contrast, the colorful, cheesy likes of mermaid and barbie core embrace with more moody ones Together goth glamour. Door number three? Sofia Richie deftly showcases a simple yet chic androgynous style with her latest manicure.

Photo: @sofiarichiegrainge

Richie shared a quick how-to via Instagram Stories about her beautiful polish job – short oval files that are barely done. “Two Essie Skinny Dip coats,” she dictated, pairing her neutral with a pleated skirt and stilettos. Aside from its ubiquity, the androgynous Mani brand fits what TikTok calls Richie’s “old money” aesthetic, the kind of sleek classics and hidden wealth that the country club crowd displays. It also found a sister in the rise of the American manicure, a nude reinterpretation of the classic French manicure.

Need to get away from beauty extremes? You can take a break in a neutral camp — at least at nail level.

Essie Skinny Nail Polish 6005




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