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Sofia Richie's last wedding dress fitting at Chanel

The bride hasn’t forgotten that trying on not one, not three, custom-made wedding dresses in Chanel’s haute couture salons is – in her own words – “a larger-than-life dream” . “I’m terrified of going into these fitting rooms because the Chanel house is so big,” she admits. “But they were very open to hearing my thoughts and advice, and it was a pleasure to work with them, and I loved everyone I met along the way. It’s something I’ll never forget.”

For a rehearsal dinner at a private estate, Richie and Grainge made the dress code a cocktail attire: something fun and colorful before the main event, giving guests a chance to meet in a more casual setting. “I really wanted to bring a sparkle and elegance to the dress [at the rehearsal dinner],” explains Richie. “Obviously there’s a lot of issues with beading, if we put it down my hair might get tangled up, so we thought about maybe like a side part or something so we can show off the neck and details. My makeup look for the weekend It’s all super simple and clean. I just want it to feel timeless: I don’t want to look back like 20 years, ‘She was a glamazon.'”

Next , Richie tries on her cropped white structured after-party gown, which features the signature Chanel camellia front and center. It suits her perfectly. “To me, it’s like my little girl’s dream,” Rich said. “The fact that it was inspired by Claudia Schiffer’s runway dress is iconic and exciting.” Lady Caroline echoed: “It’s the cutest!”

“I can dance, [and] I can move,” Rich said. “I love it! It’s traditional Chanel.” Rich explained that her vision for the evening was to make it a bit like a nightclub—very dark, but with fun music and strobe lights. “I’d eat pizza and chips in this dress,” she said. “Prayers for this dress. It will be my mission in life to make sure it goes well.”

Finally, Richie dons her wedding dress – a unique bridal silhouette with a criss-cross neckline inspiration From the Chanel2023 Fall collection. “We designed the top of the dress to make it look bridal,” says Richie, while Haute Couture Salon’s lead designer, Olivia Douchez, made sure all the details of the dress’s iridescent white sequins were just right. “It’s amazing,” Rich added. “Honestly, I think Elliott would love it. He’s my biggest cheerleader when it comes to anything I wear. I’ll be sad if he doesn’t cry.”

On the inside of the skirt, Richie’s blue stuff – a “S&E” with the date underneath – sewn into the skirt fabric. “We also love the heart design on my chest and between my ribs,” says the bride. In addition to the heart-shaped design on the bodice, there is another heart-shaped decoration under the skirt, facing the other direction. Appropriately, the two hearts are facing each other – forming a subtle but highly romantic hidden motif at the center of the design, symbolizing Richie’s affection for the man she is now married to. “I’m excited,” Rich said. “[It’s] because I’m marrying Elliott, and I know it sounds cheesy — but he’s my dream man.”



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