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Somerset's late defeat leaves life-or-death ending


Somerset and Middlesex are not the only ones at risk of relegation County, but their meeting in Taunton next week features Sudden Death

Surrey 433 (Sangakkara 157, Stoneman 51, Pope 50, Clarke 50, Trego 5 -67) and 146 for 4 (Foakes 42*) beat Somerset 269 (Davies 86, Trescothick 65, Clarke 7-55) and 306 (Trego 68, Davies 52, Meaker 3-65, Batty 3-84) by six wickets

Maybe this is better. Of course, Kumar Sangakkara batted calmly again in his last first-class match on his own private playground, just 15 points away from victory. Everyone inside The Oval is united in the hope that he can win. Sangakkara then took a few steps on the ground, drilled a ball from Dom Bess to the bowler, and went out abruptly. The silence that enveloped the land, and even Somerset’s own team members, reflected the surprise of this moment. Sangakkara paused for a moment, then walked back. When he did, every Somerset player shook hands to congratulate him on an amazing career – “When you see talent, you have to appreciate it,” explained their captain Tom Abel. Sangakkara took off his helmet and basked in the standing ovation. He walked up the stairs one last time to the Oval locker room, and that was it.

A few minutes later, Ollie Pope, one of Sarri’s many young players ), benefiting from three years of Sangakkara’s extraordinary privilege, strode down the wicket to tie the game with a six. After two goals, he hit four to ensure Sarri’s victory. Exercise, like life, can move fast.

Not that anyone will forget Sangakkara anytime soon. His season at Sarri – not just The runs they brought, as well as his performances – enriched his legacy in the sport and won’t be easily forgotten for those who stayed to take selfies with him or just say thank you.

“This is very, very special for me,” Sangakkara said, praising Sarri for rekindling him passion for the game.

“County pros are a very, very special person, I’m not only about county cricket, And found a whole new respect for the game as a whole. To understand that wherever there is top-notch cricket, they do it with pride in playing the sport, pride in clubs supporting players and pride in fans coming to embrace these players, this thing hit me out of the blue when I was After retiring from international cricket, I regret it. I’m sorry but I thank Sarri for allowing me to rediscover the love and passion Cricket and the cricketers have for this game, what an amazing breeding ground for the players. “

And what about this extraordinary summer that has already led to 1,407 county championship games? Lose weight in the locker room. This is something very special. I really don’t know how it happened. I’ve changed the way I hit the ball over the past three seasons — I’ve changed my backlift, I’ve tried all kinds of things. Something has worked this season. “

Who replaces him as Sarri’s overseas player – Mitchell Marsh and Ha Hime Amra is one of the names being considered – there will be considerable tasks. “For the team to grow, you need new ideas, new perspectives and new players. Sarri has a great opportunity next year to find someone who can continue to grow Sarri and make them even stronger. I don’t think I’m that person, no matter how many times I run for them. They need a new one, a different one. They have enough talent in the locker room to be a true force in county cricket. “

For all the dynamism of Somerset’s pitching over an excellent cricket wicket – they How the spinners will love the kind of help they look will surely receive at Taunton next week – Ben Foakes’ swagger in the evening sun ensures that Sangakkara’s farewell to The Oval will be won. For the club, of course A belated victory: The last time they won the county championship was April 10.

If Sarri’s goal of winning 143 points in 39 rounds always seemed insignificant, so Somerset still had to use all the determination to make it. At Abell flashed Rikki Clarke’s outswing arc straight to second After the slider, Somerset showed great stoicism and applied for another 174 for the final five wickets.

Once again, Steven Davis backed up Somerset’s resurgence with one-inning skill and perseverance. His move from The Oval to Taunton was expected to bring in plenty of runs. Instead, it Brings a harrowing early-season struggle. However, in recent weeks, Davies has hit the smoothest batting of his career – mostly against Sarri. At Taunton last month Surrey scored 142 points in his first Championship century in Somerset – and then against Lancashire – where Davies contributed 86 and 52 innings. His second innings A fascinating duel with Stuart Meaker, who hit the ball with great energy and found a Yorkie to pluck Davis’ stump, only to be caught off the ball. Plus A flying delivery from Gareth Batty slipped into Clark’s reassuring hands and Sarri finally got rid of their old teammate.

Then, they’re up against Peter Trego. Few have better captured Somerset’s decline this season: from a near-bright 2016 average of 44.58 to Averaged 15.91 points in 2017. Trego gave the impression of a man guiding Ferdinand Fauci’s line: “My center is giving way, I’m back with my right hand, the situation is good, I’m attacking. If he can’t fully trust his technique, Trego can trust the eyes and the power that earned him his cherished position in Taunton; according to this evidence, his driving has not lost any momentum. To his palpable shock, Trego Will be knocked down by Ryan Patel’s feisty mid-speed, and he hit the straight, but not before his 68. Still, Dombeth’s drive, so clear, suggests he could one day be considered an all-rounder, ensuring Add 64 for last two wickets.

Somerset extends last day over 5 Points also go to Sangakkara for the hint. The day after Sarri’s season ended, basically, an exercise in handing out more awards to a man than he could carry, Sangakkara blundered in the first It was a relatively straightforward opportunity to give up on Trego at 1999. Maybe he just made it easier for Sarri to deal with life without him.

While Sangakkara head to Old Trafford for their final first-class game, Somerset will play Middlesex next week for what Abel calls a “cup final” that will require Winning is required to keep their Division 1 form, a task made more difficult by the possible absence of Trego, who can only throw a ball with an ankle discomfort. Their woes partly reflect a lackluster performance in cricket – especially Lax batting — which hurt their championship season. But it’s also a reflection of the quality of Division One that may be higher than ever — and the ruthless 25 percent of teams that get relegated each year. Coming in September It’s over, Somerset has to muster all their mental reserves again.

Tim Wigmore is a freelance journalist and authorSecond XI: Cricket in its Outposts



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