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Something new: Newlywed Angela Koh's best fashion investments for her Vogue wedding

Angela Koh’s wedding was held at the fantastic Buttermilk Falls Inn in Milton, NY, where she married Sammy Shubbar in August 2022, 2022. It was a total chic girl wedding – in a custom Molly Goddard gown, Margiela Tabis, and a suit from The Row!

Still, choosing her wardrobe for the big day and all the events surrounding it was no challenge for T Magazine’s Fashion Editor Koh. Part of her wants her to save the image for reference. “Research and decisiveness are part of my job, so everything went relatively quickly,” she said. “My dresses, I knew I wanted them when I saw Molly Goddard launch her bridal collection, and I ordered them direct from the studio.” During the pandemic, Koh It was supposed to go to Molly Goddard’s London studio to try it on, but the surge of Omicron disrupted the plan. “We had to do a virtual fitting and my husband patiently took me to size with the guidance of the studio. It was absolutely lovely,” she says.

When it came to shopping for the rest of her wedding wardrobe, Koh scoured for her must-haves. The suits she bought from The Row were sample sales, while her husband’s Dior Homme of Hedi Slimane suits were sourced on eBay, and she found the bridesmaids’ Prada suits from a Prada outlet. “I’m always on the lookout for good deals, so my favorite place to shop, whether it’s a wedding wardrobe or not, is on sale,” she says. “I got my suit and a baby blue satin bag from The Row sample sale.”

The finishing touch is unique and very personal – a Korean hair accessories: “My binyeo is for my traditional Korean hairstyle, and the idea came to me when I saw my Molly Goddard wedding dress. Its silhouette Similar to Hanbok.”

Keep reading to shop top 3 bridal investments for Koh.

The Row Suit

Photo: Courtesy of Harper Cowan/Harper Pictures




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