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'Something really, really special': Coach talks Jon Jones at heavyweight

When many fans are Jon Jones offered to switch to heavyweight when the conversation got tired of it, as we see the former UFC light heavyweight champ about 2.5 years in the cage and there’s been talk about how he was doing before his debut What an excellent topic continues to filter from his training ground. Weight class, whenever.

Still, according to Jones’ new coach Brandon Gibson, the wait will be worth the wait once we’ve witnessed the UFC’s most successful A new iteration of one of the boxers. He told to submit radio as MMA Junkie pointed out The: “Trust me, Jon is playing hard, he’s skilled right now. His skill is at an all-time high and he has such strength, athleticism and stamina. I think when they see him at heavyweight , fans will be very, very shocked and amazed.

About size, mass and power. You see Connor from his 145 days, from lightweight to welterweight . That’s a 25-pound difference. Jon Jones, he’s over 25 pounds now.

“So, he hit the ball very hard, very accurate, very technical and fast. I have trained a lot of amazing heavyweights. I trained Arlovski, Overeem, Frank Mir and Travis Browne, and Jon Jones is more powerful, more explosive, more creative, more dynamic than all of them. So I can’t wait to see Jon succeed at heavyweight. It’s going to be something really, really special, and I’m honored to be a part of it. “

There are still questions – even if it’s just because the sport’s three-year shutdown is soon approaching. Fight with Stipe Miocic has been raised; Gibson says he Welcome to the challenge.

“Stipe is the greatest UFC champion in heavyweight history,” Gibson said. “Very well-rounded championship experience. He showed such great resilience and his ability to come back in his trilogy with (Daniel Cormier). Stipe also beat Francis. He’s a great, well-rounded martial artist, he’s powerful, with devastating knockout power in both hands. And then Francis has that X factor—his size, his strength, he can sleep anyone from any position, from any angle. He doesn’t need to keep his balance and he doesn’t need to hit his back foot. It’s ok.

“So they all have their own challenges and their own unique ways, and we’re going to have to treat each of them in a very different way – very different. But Jon Jones Has the ability to put his hands up in these two fights. No doubt, I’m a believer in that.

“There’s no one like Jon Jones at heavyweight. No one is as fast and talented in all disciplines as Jon. And his IQ is off the charts. Not that these other guys aren’t smart, good fighters, but Jon Jones’ IQ and understanding of the game is unlike anyone else in the world. “




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