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Sophie Bille Brahe's Copenhagen shopping guide

Sophie Bille Brahe knows Danish style better than almost anyone. The jewelry designer, who launched her eponymous label at 2011, is known for her playful pearl designs that take the sometimes dull material and make it utterly contemporary. With Copenhagen Fashion Week kicking off today, few people could do a better job of reflecting on Danish style and recommending a few places to shop in the city. “The Danes have a very specific way of dressing. It has to be functional. We need to be able to ride our bikes or pick up our kids to work,” she told Vogue. Copenhagen’s fashion scene is comfortable and classy.

The event Bille Brahe is most looking forward to this Fashion Week is the dinner that her brother, chef Frederik Bille Brahe will be hosting. Find the perfect balance between meals and a very relaxed and cozy atmosphere. The setting makes a fine dinner very personal. It’s always fun and I’m looking forward to it,” she said. This dinner will be extra special because it’s celebrating the opening of her sister-in-law Caroline Bille Brahe’s new store (for Scandi Cool, check out her label, Caro Editions).

But perhaps most importantly, this week Bille Brahe is launching a special new collection, Lettre de Lumière, available on her website and at Browns Fashion on February 3 Released. Inspired by a short poem by Inger Christensen, the new collection is a collection of minimalist letter rings, necklaces and stud earrings inspired by signet rings. “For this collection, I had a very interesting creative process ,” she said. “I took my handwriting as a starting point, and from that, I wanted to create something almost magical that could be passed on from generation to generation. A modern take on the signet ring, these earrings are statement and heirloom value without feeling stuffy. Is there a better descriptor for Scandinavian fashion?

Lettres de Lumière Collection by Sophie Bille Brahe.

by Sophie Bille Brahe




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