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Sora's Tsuiraku JK to Haijin Kyōshi Manga to Get Live-Action Series in April

MBS announced on Wednesday that it is producing a live broadcast-sora‘s action series adaptation (Fallen High School Girl and Disabled Teacher) manga will premiere on MBS‘ “Drama Tokku” program on April 6th. HiHi Jets member Ryo Hashimoto (see the left side of the picture below) will play Mr. Jin Haima, while Akari Takaishi (live version , Baby Walkure

, right) will play student Mikoto Ochiai. © “Banluo JK and Absolute Teacher” Production Committee・MBS

©Kong, Baiquansha
The story of the manga begins with high school student Mikoto Ochiai trying to end her life from the school’s The roof jumps off, but a teacher named Jin Haiba walks in to persuade her to stop, suggesting that she try to have sex with him before she dies.

manga creator sora posted on Hakusensha Comics*) of July Magazine2018, originally intended to be a short play, but eventually developed into a long-form series. The manga is in production and Hakusensha published the 12th month volume of the manga600.

sora This nickname is Kong Mizuki . Mizuki featured in

of Kodansha Comic Magazine at 495 , and ended it with the second volume of the manga 700. Kodansha USA Publishing publishes manga in English and releases two volumes in English. Mizuki also drew , with writer Tail ​​Yuzuhara . Manga launched in December on the service of Kadokawa,In progress. Yen Press licensed manga.

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