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Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Anime' Sanctuary Arc Reveals More Cast, Visuals

Yoshinobu Akita New TV anime’s official site

() light novel series reveals three actors and Visuals from the (Sanctuary Arc) series.



©Akita Konobu・Kusagawa Yuya・TOBubbkusu/Magician OFEENDHAぐレTravel Production Committee

Newly announced cast members include:
Takuya Nakashima as looking for

orphen-sanctuaryorphen-seek.png© Akita Konobu・Kusakawa Yuya・TOBubbkusu/MagicianおーフェンハぐレTravel Production Committee

Shimba Tsuchiya

as Kakorkist

orphen-sanctuaryorphen-irgitte.png©Akita Konobu・Kusagawa Yuya・TOBubbkusu/Magician OFEENDHAぐレTravel Production Committee

Yuna Kamakura as Irgitteorphen-seek.png


©Akita Kishin・Kusagawa Yuya・TOpックス/Magicianおーフェンガレ Tourism Production Committee 650

    © Akita Koshin・Kusagawa Yuya・TOpックス/Magicianおーフェンハグレ Travel Production Committee 2020
    Sanctuary Arc’s new cast also includes: Yoko Hikasa as Azalie Akira Ishida as Armagest orphen-sanctuary Hiroki Yasumoto

    as Jack

      Satoshi Hino as Pluto

    Tomoko Kaneda as Princess Silver Moon

    Sanctuary The Arc will debut in April . Showtaro Morikubo

    , who voiced and performed for the show The previous opening theme song is performing the new opening song “Motive Rain”. Mai Fuchigami

    returns to sing the new ending song “Shūen no Destiny” (The Destiny of the End). (Chaos in Urbanrama) Season 3 Premiere On

    AT-X January Channel , it is also in

    Tokyo MX,
    WOWOW and

    BS Fuji , and various streaming services in Japan.

    Crunchyroll is airing this season in Japan.

    Season 1 Premieres in January 1994,and episodes.
    Funimation streams anime in Japanese and Aired in Japan with English subtitles, also in English


    . The second season premiered in January 2019.

    Funimation has aired the series again, An English dub was also played.

    J-Fiction Club

    licensed and digitally distributed these novels. The beginning of the company introduction story:

    Orphen is a wizard dropout from the famous Tower of Fangs. His journey to save Azalie, a girl he looks up to like a sister, takes him to the bustling city of Totokanta. Here, they reunite for the first time in five years. But what is the truth behind her great transformation, and what kind of secret is hidden behind the bald sword…?

    Akita started the light novel series in 2019 Illustration by Drawn by Yūya Kusaka. New animation is commemorating the series’13 Anniversary. Akita released a new volume of the series in December 496, the first new work in the series of young novels after four years. New rolls to be shipped in January .

    Source: Anime Website, Comic Natalie

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