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Soroete Chōdai of Ryo Ikeumi?The end of the cursive manga

soroete-choudai-michikusa© Ryo Ikeumi, Shodenshasoroete-choudai-michikusa June issue of this year of Shodensha Magazine revealed on Monday that Ryo Ikeumi’s Soroete Chōdai? The Michikusa-hen manga will end in the next issue on June 8th.

Ikeumi released the manga

in August. The manga will be published as a book in September.

Is the manga a spin-off of Ikeumi’s Soroete Chōdai? series, debuted in At


Manga Planet authorizes Ikuemi’s Cuteness is limitedCat manga,Home-sha Published in 2011.

Inspired by Ikuemi’s manga The original video anime is at 1993, she manga inspired one in 2020 live action movie , and her Anata no Koto wa Sorehodo manga inspired The Live – Action TV series in Ikuemi Principal‘s manga later inspired a live-action film, which opened in Japan in March Released 2011. JManga Digitally distributes Ikuemi’s English comics before closing.

Ikuemi ended her Taiyō ga Miteiru (Kamoshirenai Kara) Comics in May 2018. She launched this in March series. Shueisha published the eighth and final volume of the manga in July 317.

Ikuemi presents Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Manga, adapted from a novel by Kōtarō Isaka in

Gentosha January’s manga site197899. Ikuemi also released a manga titled 1-nichi 2-kai in September 2011.

Ikuemi’s Rose Rosey Roseful Bud Manga debuted in May 2018. The story follows the work and love life of manga creator Shoko Kanhara who is on the “edge” s.

Source: June Issue

2019 197899



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