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sound!Euphonium: Ensemble Competition Drama Anime Stream Full Trailer

, Kyoto Animation’s

animated “Ensemble Concert” arc theater animation debuted a full trailer for the new animation on Saturday.


The preview previews Kumiko’s future after taking office Auditions for first major assignment bandleader, school ensemble concert.

Participating theaters will start selling the second batch of MoviTickes on June 9th. The features of these cards are Kumiko and others in costumes seen in the anime’s ending animation sequence, these MoviTicke cards only come in pairs, from which buyers can choose two Different designs, they also bundle a plastic “receipt holder.”


©Takeda Ayano · Treasure Island Club/ “Ring け! 』Production Committee


ensemble Ayaka Ohashi voices Kamaya in the film for the character Tsubame. Also, TRUE sang the movie’s theme song “Ensemble” .

ensembleFranchise Quan The first new sequel animation after four years will be released in Japan on August 4th Theater.

ensemble©Takeda Ayano・Takarashimasha/『Ring け! 』Production Committee
eupho-kv-2Kyoto Animation has previously joked that the “Ensemble Concert” arc will Get “medium length” animations (longer than shorter, shorter than features). The anime will have theatrical screenings and a Blu-ray release.

Tatsuya Ishihara will return Kyoto Animation directed the animation. eupho-kv-2 Taiichi Ogawa is the assistant director,

Jukki Hanada

is writing the script, Shoko Ikeda is designing the character, Kazumi Ikeda

is the chief animation director, and eupho-kv-2 Akito Matsuda

is composing.

Kyoto Animation adapted from Kumiko’s third grade high school work will be shown on Broadcast .

The original author of the light novel

Ayano Takeda published the story of Kumiko’s third grade in high school in two volumes. First volume shipped in April 2017 and the second volume ships in June 2016.

Note: The next paragraph contains spoilers for the novel.

In the novel, the band is once again focused on winning gold at the Nationals. Kumiko is the new band president, her ex-boyfriend Shuuichi Tsukamaoto is the vice president, and Reina Kousaka is the drummer. As in the previous year, new first-year students entered the band with their own eccentricities, chief among them Maya Kuroe, a euphonium player from Seira Girls’ School. Maya is a strong player in the school arena and Sapphire’s former school.

First – Episode TV Animated Series Franchise

premieres in April

. Anime inspired April’s “Flashback” movie 2016. this – Sequel to the series that premiered in October 504. Sequel series inspired September’s compilation film 2015. The movie starring Yotsuka Mizo and Kasagi Nozomi will be released in Japan in April600. Opening in Japan in April 2018. The film tells the story of Kumiko as a second-year student. 196869 Source: Anime Website, Comic Natalie 198773




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