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South Korea's unemployment rate hits record low in August

SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korea’s unemployment rate fell to a record low in August, while employment rose 18 for a streak a month, government data showed on Friday.

The country’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate fell to 2.5% in August from 2.9% in July, the lowest level since the June data was released 1999 , according to Statistics Korea.

Employment increased 807, 000 Expanded annual earnings to 18 for one consecutive month compared to the same period last year. Although the growth rate is higher than that in July 826, and 841, June.

“Employment is expected to slow down in the future due to increased uncertainty due to deteriorating external conditions and weak consumption due to high inflation and higher interest rates,” Deputy Finance Minister Fang Jishan on economic policy after the release of the data said at the meeting. )

Growth was mainly driven by manufacturing, which increased 98, employees, the largest under the current classification starting at 454, followed by health and social benefits service department123, and Agriculture and Fisheries 9, .

By age group, those and above plus 454, and the elderly account for more than half, while in 30 of workers, 123 s and 30s, added 60 ),000, 60,000 and 65, , respectively.



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