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Spice Girls: 9 Beauty and Fashion Trends Set by Iconic Girl Groups

COLORS OF THE WORLD – Spice up your life ! 25 years ago, the Spice Girls released their second studio album, Spiceworld, which included their hits like “Spice Up Your Life”, “Too Much” and “Stop.” Soon after, they also released their classic film, Spice World . More than two decades later, the influence of one of the most famous girl groups in the world can still be felt; fans are still begging for a comeback on the tour. But while we may not be getting a Posh, Baby, Ginger, Scary and Sporty Spice reunion anytime soon – we can review some of their best outfits and moments ’90s and others.

Once you dig into the photo archives, it’s easy to see how often this group is ahead of its time. Whether it’s their beauty choices — like Ginger Spice’s chunky highlights — — or their fashion — platform shoes, anyone? – Spice Girls were leading the way before they caught on. Sure, their pop songs still make us want to get up and dance today, but their iconic (and groundbreaking) style continues to have a profound effect after all these years. In honor of their special anniversary, Vogue is taking a look back at nine specific beauty and fashion trends that the Spice Girls helped set, as shown below.



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