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'Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse' star Shameik Moore says he'll devote his 'whole existence' to playing Miles Morales in live-action

Into the Spider-Verse , the sequel to the Oscar-winning film 28 The animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse , will be released this weekend.

The voice actors recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to chat about the new movie and where things are headed like Shameik Moore such a star who said before that he “absolutely” will be Interested in playing his character Miles Morales in a live-action film.

Some netizens expressed concern that the 2018 year-old actor might be too old, Can’t portray a teenage superhero, but due to the nature of the Marvel Cinematic Universe , it’s possible that an older Morales pops up somewhere can’t MCUs are excluded.

“I think if I were to play it, you’d get more than the sound,” Moore told THR He’d rather play the character in live action than anime. “I’ll stay in shape and take the time to get really lean, lean, lean. Shave off that beard. Get into afro mode, take out the braids. I’ll throw myself into the show.”

Producer Amy Pascal previously told THR that Miles will indeed come live, but that will be after his journey ends in animation.

Hailee Steinfeld, the voice of Spider-Woman aka Gwen Stacy, recently told THR that it was an easy “yes” for her to play this character in live action .

Across the Spider-Verse also allows viewers to get to know Gwen Stacy better. Stanfield opened up about what it was like to bring more of her character’s story to the screen than in the first film.

“I’m excited to hear and discover more of her story that will be part of this book,” Stanfield said. “What I really like is the filmmakers, and it’s clear they understand that she has this very, very bold voice that won’t go unnoticed.”

There’s more to come in this new film Parents of Domorales, played by returning cast members Luna Lauren Velez and Brian Tyree Henry Dub.

“I feel so lucky to have this Latina mom with her Afro-Latinx son in this animated film,” Vélez said of being more involved in the film. Said while showing Morales’ relationship with his mother. “I’m so honored. I feel so blessed to be a part of this incredible universe.”

“It’s been reflective because we know this family, ’ Henry added. “This is who we are. This is a reflection of the family that will come to see it.”

Vélez and Henry revealed that although they play a married couple in the film , but they recorded all the shots separately. However, the voices of Moore, Stanfield, and Peter B. Parker Jake Johnson

are not paired in some of their scenes. Going into a booth with other actors versus being alone. “You can create your character on the opposite side of them.”

“Working with Jake was like pure comedy,” adds Moore. “It was really nice to be able to watch them [while recording].”

“You feel it more,” Steinfeld said.

The stars shared that while Moore has started recording with Stanfield and Johnson, the voices behind Spider-Woman and Peter B. Parker have yet to walk into the booth together, however . Steinfeld and Johnson said they both hope to record together in the future. Maybe for Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse ? The third film in the series is slated for release next spring.

Watch the video above to learn about Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.



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