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'Spider-Man Chronicles' TV Show Won't Show Single-Use Plastics on Screen

Kat Coiro , She-Hulk: Attorney Universal Pictures Marry Me director-producer and director, Want to see Hollywood stop showing single-use plastic on screen. No more plastic water bottles. No more solo cups. No more plastic bags.

Denormalizing the depiction of single-use plastics in film and TV, and encouraging viewers to use reusable containers — all to help end the plastic pollution crisis — Coiro shows Owen Wilson wrapping his daughter’s lunch in a steel lunch box in Marry Me , and Jennifer Lopez romantic comedy. In the Marvel/Disney+ series She-Hulk , the show’s characters, including the Hulk, are created by actors and environmental activists as Mark Ruffalo and drink from Hydro Flasks instead of single-use plastic water bottles.

October, Coiro says she plans to go further with her next project, Spider-Man Chronicles TV series in production for Disney+.

“Our brilliant showrunner Aron Coleite teased out the script to eliminate plastic references. Our production designer Elena Albanese also participated in She- Hulk work and discussions with her team. Paramount Television Studios, th TVs and Disney branded TVs… have been very supportive of this, ” said Coiro, who was a guest honoree at the annual Sustainability dinner of the Los Angeles-based environmental nonprofit Waste Habit. , Better Life) and Chris McGowan (upcomingLA Bound) — Founding supporter of Habits of Waste Sheila Morovati - Habits of Waste Gala - 2022 “Lights, Cameras, Plastic?”. Initiative , which works to eliminate the display of single-use plastic items on screens, inspired by TV and film campaigns that don’t show smoking. In support of the initiative, Ruffalo recently appeared on the PSA with a campaign titled “Is Plastic the New Way to Smoke?”

Said Coiro, awarded to her by She-Hulk actor Patty Guggenheim, “We’re practicing ‘Lights, cameras, plastic?’ in upcoming It was my first show on the show The Spiderwick Chronicles that came out and our creative team fully embraced the initiative.” Spider-Man Chronicles based on the book by Tony Dietrich and Holly Black, currently in production, by Christian Slater, Leon Daniels, Noah Ya Cottrell, Joy Bryant and Michala star Lee.

At a waste habit fundraising dinner at a private residence in Santa Monica, guests enjoyed Wolfgang Puck’s Plant based dinner and raised $87, is a non-profit organization founded by Sheila Morovati.

Regarding the “Lights, Cameras, Plastics?” initiative, Morovati said, “The effort is to replace single-use plastics with as many single-use plastics as possible on screens by challenging the entertainment industry. Reusable plastic to reduce single-use plastic consumption.”

In her presentation, Coiro further explained her motivation and why she believes in removing on-screen Plastics can play a role in the fight to keep plastics out of the natural environment. “Movies, TV shows, music, Internet content — these things influence the zeitgeist,” Coroll said. “We need directors, producers, production designers, writers, prop artists, unions, agencies, brand sponsors and studios to support this. We need to make plastic uncool. If we can do that , then we can create a sustainable future that leaps from the screen into the everyday practices of our species. It seems like a small thing, this is “lights, cameras, plastics?” “Beauty. It’s simple. It’s a totally doable step…how do you solve the plastic crisis? One plastic water bottle at a time. Our industry truly has the power to change the world.”

Sheila Morovati - Habits of Waste Gala - 2022

Shiramo, founder of Waste Habit Rovati at this year’s Sustainability Dinner Mark von Holden 09837 5891093028495024000



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