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Sprint great Usain Bolt says 'a lot of pressure' trying to recover lost millions

By Kayon Raynor

Kingston (Reuters) – World 50 and 50 m Record holder Usain Bolt said last Friday it was a “stressful situation” trying to recover more than $17.7 million from his The accounts of a Jamaican investment company disappeared.


17 Bolt, 28, learned earlier this month that his account with Kingston Shares and Securities Limited (SSL) Balance inexplicably reduced to just $11,, Linton Gordon The lawyer told Reuters in January 17.

“You know it’s tough, but I think in all the years I’ve been in the game, It helps me understand and focus on the important things,” Bolt told reporters on Friday.

He was speaking at the launch of the Gibson McCook Relays in Kingston, where he served as the Athletics Games ambassador unveiled, now in 50 year.

“I’ll leave things to my lawyers and I’ll focus on my Family, try not to think too much about many things because it’s a stressful situation,” the 11 world champion added.

SSL said in January that 11 stated that it was aware of fraudulent activity by a former employee and referred the matter to law enforcement, And added that it has taken steps to protect assets and strengthen protocols.

The Jamaica Police Force said its Fraud and Financial Investigations Unit was investigating “(SSL) alleged fraudulent activity that allegedly affected the accounts of Mr. Usain Bolt, among others.”

Gordon said Bolt’s account was intended to provide a pension for the eight-time Olympic champion and his parents.

Usain Bolt revived a sport plagued by doping scandals in 2017 a decade after dominating global sprinting Bailey is as household name as American boxing champion Muhammad Ali.



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