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Spy × Family ‒ Episode 17

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This week is an analysis of works of art. There’s almost always at least one humorous moment, but that’s why Damian won first place in the improv art competition yes , it deserves special recognition. Not only does a spectacular piece of adult reasoning apply to a first grader’s work, it’s also a perfect example of how we’re taught to analyze art and literature: to look for what we want to see in a work, not the actual There. While I absolutely believe children see and understand much more than we think, I also suspect that Damian purposely created a battered griffin to stand on the mutilated corpse of its child, even if I do not know the real story. (If this was the conclusion I came to, I would report a severely disturbed child.)

But more importantly, it’s a great example of how Anya did make Damian’s life better than he ever admitted. He may be grumpy about her attempts to help him, but we all know he has a soft spot for the little pink-haired psychic (read: madly obsessed), and she offered to help him in the first place A good example of why. As we know from his inner monologue, very few people really see Damian as a person – what they see is Donovan Desmond’s second son, who is largely A wealthy boy who is considered to have a bright future. But even though Anya calls him the second son, she also realizes more clearly that his rants hide a real person. Of course, she mostly sees him as an important feature of her plans to ensure world peace and the continued existence of the Forger family, but she treats him like another kid his age, which isn’t something Damian experiences often. Even Ivan and Emir, Sojiro and Akira to his Domedos treat him as someone better than them, acquiescing to his every wish. Only Anya had the guts to fight him.

That’s part of what makes this series work as a whole -Everyone has a darker part of their life and admits it makes them feel more complete than their characters on a regular comedy show. Damian’s decision not to come home from the dorm during the break, and his desperate yearning for approval and love from his father are very sad things, since we’re talking about a six-year-old. (It also makes me wonder if there are more similarities between the names of Eden College and Eton College than just names, especially in the historical sense of sending children to boarding schools.) Of course, Henry Desen may have had an aneurysm due to a lack of it. Elegant, but Anya’s help and this award mean so much to Damian, just as Loid arranges a meeting with Sylvia just to brag about Anya’s progress in the meaningless details of childhood. Are you wasting precious spy resources and Silvia’s time? Not in Loid’s mind!



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