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Spy × Family ‒ Episode 18

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Community Rating: 4.3

Unless I’m missing my guess, I think this week’s episode is missing my favorite Anya-ism, who misheard (or mispronounced) “swole chihuahua”. While that saddens me, there was still plenty of laughs this week, most of which came in the form of Daybreak, a self-proclaimed Twilight rival spy. It turns out he’s more of a anti- – Twilight , because this guy is the best idiot; seriously, Anya is a better spy than this guy, even though she’s making her signature Anya face. (I might add that Damian plagiarized this week, both impressive and proof that she’s firmly in his brain.) Daybreak and Twilight meet while completing a mission in Eden College’s super-secret high-security vault where exam answers are kept. Twilight tries to save Operation Strix by correcting Anya’s score; Daybreak’s purpose is to sabotage the Desmond family and the scores of Damian and his brother Demetrius. Who hired him to do this? Will it really hurt the Desmonds if the boys fail? who knows? That doesn’t really matter here, although it does speak to the fact that there are people in the country who want the family down and no higher than using Donovan’s kids to make it happen. But let’s face it, Daybreak is as menacing to anyone as an ant is to a brick – maybe if he works on it long enough and gets a few friends involved, he might cause some damage, but is it true? Yes, not at all. Did not happen.

This definitely doesn’t happen on Loid’s watch, it’s almost is the only reason Daybreak goes to the vault in the first place. Of course, Daybreak does mean… a pennant in the wind in the impression of a lamppost(?), but this guy can’t go anywhere without doing a forward roll, and he actively sabotages Loid’s attempts to help him. Meanwhile, Loid helps him just because his job will be harder , if they catch the dawn and call the police; it’s more self-defense than professional courtesy. But whatever it is, it’s terribly entertaining, and fully immersed in the competing stream-of-consciousness narratives of two such different characters, it’s an overall great demonstration of how comedy can work. While it’s always been a fun show, it’s sometimes overshadowed by the human drama that makes up its core, so seeing a half-episode that’s full of comedy, aside from reminding us how amazing Twilight is while comparing him The spies have the worst spies really fun. Yes, it’s implied that Loid has been influenced by the family part of the title to the point that now he’s just helping people unconsciously, which may not have been his previous instinct, but when Dawn was ready to leave, it’s hard to stick to the idea that he’s changing Sign the test scores later to prove how good he was before somersaulting out of the vault.

The first half of this episode was beautiful in terms of plot Impressive, as the two are completely different in tone, although both rely on humor more than anything else. Anya realizes that she won’t be able to use her abilities to cheat on upcoming exams (they don’t work during the new moon) forcing her to actually

study, but Loid thinks too much and can’t concentrate. So Yor volunteered to join Uncle Yuri, who was so evil that he was even jealous of a five-year-old…until Anya figured out how to wrap him around her little finger. Again, this part has its moments, and poor Bond’s quiet visual gimmick at the end is the best; it’s still fun, but it’s mostly a gimmick we’ve seen before and recently. But after a few episodes of the main story and side stories, it’s nice to see this return to linear storytelling, even if it’s not accompanied by a cocky Chihuahua. Score:



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