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Spy × Family ‒ Episode 19

How do you rate episodes 10 of Spy×Family (TV 2) ?

Community Score: 4.4

Anya’s part in the episode could be longer, but we can’t ignore Joel’s. Not only do I have a really, really hard time with her trying to be productive and have it bite her ass, but I just love watching her move . The scene of catching the falling flowerpot is wonderful, and her status as a school legend puts Hanako-kun to shame. She can even be reunited with Kiss Cow! It’s short, but the whole thing is a drama stealer, while also reminding us that Loid is the only one who has a hard time realizing that the Forger family is worth fighting for. He’ll get there, I’m sure, and the realization that Joel isn’t sneaking at him or suspecting him might be a bigger obstacle than he understands.

But really, most of this episode belongs to George . That would be George Glooman, the lad with the unfortunately shaped head and one or no eyebrows. George overhears his father discussing the business and immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion: The Desmond family business is forcing them out of business, which naturally leads to George being unceremoniously kicked out of Eden College. George immediately began venting his fear and anger at Damian, with the result that a very shaken young Desmond eventually rallied the class to make George’s last day in Eden perfect.

The main force of this storyline, except that Anya makes it clear that she know they all overreact, isn’t it so perfect Captures the ways children interact with information they don’t fully understand. It’s like the first time I heard as a kid that “the presidential race” is a real race – it’s the only race I know of, so obviously every candidate has to start in their hometown and whoever comes first The White House, whoever becomes the president. When George heard his father was worried about how to tell him something along with the name “Desmond”, he put together what he knew about the two things and immediately grasped that Desmond must be doing The idea of ​​bad things his father was afraid of. Since the worst thing he could think of was being forced out of life as he knew it, that’s why he accepted and started running. If you’re 6, it makes perfect sense, judging by the fact that almost all of his classmates bought in.

It’s hard to pinpoint who caused the most second-hand embarrassment in the whole George fiasco -George had to show up at school after making everyone jump for a horrific possibility that never happened, or Damian doing that dance when Becky started singing. (Or me, expecting the kids to start singing school songs right away.) It’s really sweet that everyone is trying to help George feel better, and it certainly shows that Becky isn’t just Anya’s best friend, she’s a wonderful person Friends General . The whole thing is cheesy in the best possible way, although Anya being out of sync with the rest of the class is a major plus, otherwise it will give you cavities. Damian thinks Anya is defending him because she likes- Love him, we found at least one teacher scared of her and it felt like a decoration in an overall good episode.

But if you’re waiting for more spy antics, don’t ‘Don’t worry – we’ll be back to that episode next week and we’ll be bringing up one of my favorite comic spy storylines soon.




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