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Spy x Home Voice Actor Tries To Predict Anime's New Visuals

With the end of the first season of the popular anime, the actors appear in AnimeJapan 2023 And some exciting news about the future of the series. But it wouldn’t be a stage show if that announcement wasn’t made through the actors’ now major routine of drawing out the announcement they expect.


The show started with some small talk about the first one Some behind-the-scenes memories from the season and series cast: Takuya Eguchispy3 (Loid Forger), spy2 Atsumi Tanezaki (Anya Forger), Saori Hayami )( Yor Forger) and Kenichirō Matsuda (Bond Forger). Most say it’s been a while since the four have been onstage together. In fact, it’s been so long that Tanezaki says Eguchi must have grown taller, even though he’s a grown man.

Despite his protests, Eguchi admits that because he is hunched most of the time, he tries to straighten his posture at events like AnimeJapan — Although he hasn’t checked his height in a while. Tanezaki quickly responded that if Eguchi grew taller, Lloyd’s official height would have to change to match, since they were the same height.

Amidst the banter behind their backs, the cast began announcing the upcoming season and new movies in October. However, Eguchi commented that it wouldn’t be a stage show unless the actors did some artwork. This time, it’s what they think is a preview visual for the film. Actors commented that they were given little information, let alone time. These reveals are interesting to say the least.

Starting with Matsuda, his predictions are an evil-looking Anya, a bloody Lloyd, a weeping Yoel, and Bond front and center. Actors were amazed at the quality of the painting, as he repainted it several times minutes before the stage show began. According to the seating arrangement, the next person in line should be Hayami, but Eguchi laughed at her appearance as a dangerous weapon, so he went to Tanezaki first.

Her predictions for the preview Is the family covered in snow in rain ponchos and dark sunglasses? The theme is to keep things hidden until the truth comes out.

Then it was Hayami and Eguchi’s turn. After much deliberation, I still decided to let Hayami’s weapon strike first, which is definitely a memorable sight. The actors need some time to analyze what’s going on. What they gather is that the family is piloting Bond in space—a true masterpiece. People will think so until Eguchi’s prophecy is revealed.


True Masterpiece Prediction There’s a flying Yor, a Bond in a sumo pose, a Lloyd with an “L” (which Eguchi claims is a gun), and a misshapen Anya building a snowman. While Eguchi’s drawing looks like a hodgepodge of different ideas, the actors begrudgingly admit that Eguchi’s predictions are thematically closest to the official trailer’s visuals. While Yor isn’t flying in the official trailer, Loid does have an “L” shaped gun.

but, Because they say time flies when you’re having fun. Looking at the superb painting style of the actors, time flies by in an instant. I hope the post-production team can turn the paintings of Eguchi or Tanezaki into official posters

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