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Spy×Family anime's second semi-stream clean ending sequence with yama's end credits

TOHO animation starts streaming clean no credit version The ending animation sequence for the second half of Saturday’s animation. The sequence, which just premiered on TV in the latest episode of the anime, includes singer yama’s song “Shikisai” (Coloring). Takayuki Hirao () Storyboarded and directed the ending sequence.

The second half premiered in Japan on October 1 10: afternoon(: EST). Crunchyroll starts streaming at 183303 : 15 Eastern Time.

Hiroki Takahashi new role in part 2 Keith Kepler Course (quarters of the year) series.

The first half of the anime premiered on April 9. Crunchyroll played the first half of the anime when it aired, and it also aired in English Dubbing .

Furuhashi Kazuhiro

(, , , 2019 ) inWit Studio Directed Animation and CloverWorks . Kazuaki Shimada () is designing characters, and [K]NoW_NAME (, , ) is a music producer.

Viz Media is publishing a comic in English, which describes the story: Spy master Twilight does the best job of undercover Execution in the name of a better world Dangerous mission. But when he gets the ultimate impossible task – getting married and having kids – he may end up overwhelmed!

Not dependent on others, Twilight does his job for his quest to find a wife and children for his wife and children to complete his quest to infiltrate an elite private school. What he didn’t know was that his chosen wife was an assassin and his adopted child was a telepath!

Shueisha is simultaneously publishing manga in English on his MANGA Plus service. Viz Media added comics to its app in September as part of its subscription 360. The company also prints and publishes comics.

Manga inspired stage adaptation in spring 2019.

Source: Toho Animation YouTube Channel, Comic Natalie


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