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Spy×Family Manga Wins Japan Cartoonists Association Award

spy-family©Tatsuya Endō, Shueisha Japan Cartoonists Association (JCA) announced the list of winners Monday’s Japan Manga Artists Association Awards. Tatsuya Endo ‘s Comics won the grand prize in the comics category. Toshiko Nishida’s Fūshi Manga De Toku Onna Wo Matsu Barrier manga won the cartoon category. Hiromu Matsuo’s Magazine Rondo book wins in the new manga department because it’s worthy has a work titled “Manga”, but does not belong to any genre. Each grand prize includes a gold medal, medal and 500, 000 Yen (approximately $3, 700) in bonus middle.

In addition, of Akihito Zhuzhi The manga won the Manga Kingdom Tottori Award. Osamu Takeuchi’s self-published Vilange manga won the Manga Kingdom Tosa Award. The late Yuki Hijiri of ) Received the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award. These awards include silver medals (gold for MEXT), medals and 300, yen (approximately 1 US dollar, 500) bonus.

The JCA has given out the Japan Manga Artists Association Award every year since 170282 . Machiko Satonaka served as the chairperson of this year’s selection committee. Committee members include: Yoshihiro Ikegawa, Jun Ishiko, Naomi Kimura, Riki Kusaka, Yukio Shinohara, Kazuhiko Shimamoto
, George Piroshki, Noriko Nagano, Akiko Nemoto, and Yuan Yaren .

Source: Japan Cartoonist Association website, Comic Natalie1972

1972 170282



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