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Squirrel on fence sends Yankees fans into state of shock

Squirrels on the porch have Yankees fans in shock

Every year, the Squirrels seem to find a way to influence the MLB game.

Last year, the game between the Cubs and Buccaneers The game was delayed after a squirrel ran around the cordoned track, while St. Louis’ iconic rally squirrel was seen during a game between the Cardinals and Tigers earlier this season.

• Animals on the field!

A squirrel ran along the road during a Yankees game on Tuesday Running over the outfield wall and finding a new way to interrupt a baseball game with Kim Warblers game – The move drew some priceless reactions from the crowd.

Squirrels’ frenzied dash begins in Yankees’ bullpen, but it quickly reaches the outfield the top of the wall. By the time the cameras caught up with the squirrel, it had stunned two Yankees fans.

From there, it runs down the edge of the wall, Fans there ^ reacted from dumbfounded to disinterested.

The squirrel slid lightly, and from the eight-foot-five-inch high outfield wall, it moved with unbelievable An impressive display of athleticism landed, setting a high bar for the next furry friend to hit MLB stadiums.



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