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Stan Fall 2023 Menswear

For the past year or so, Stan’s Tristan Detwiler has been focusing on creating custom pieces for his clientele, who often come to him in search of new, modern menswear pieces made of vintage fabrics from across the globe. He allowed these one-on-one interactions with customers to inform his latest designs. “I’ve been mainly doing bespoke work,” said Detwiler, “so I’ve catered this collection to the styles and textiles that are becoming staples of Stan.”

Detwiler zeroed in on some of his most-requested silhouettes—like his chore jacket, his most popular piece, and unlined blazers—and designed them in a variety of vintage fabrics. “I wanted to create something that can live on—these textiles can last forever,” he said. This season, a lot of the fabrics were sourced in Istanbul and Bursa in Turkey; among other things, they were used for Detwiler’s version of a Suzani chore jacket. “It’s all hand-woven and hand-embroidered,” he said. A zip-up bomber jacket, featuring a striped angora fabrication, was made from a rug that Detwiler found in Turkey. “It’s handwoven, from the turn of the 20th century,” he said. “It’s very heavy—and warm.”

His unlined blazers, meanwhile, were made of fabrics like hand-embroidered Hungarian tablecloths, or Boro, a traditional Japanese style of patchwork. He also presented two lace shirts—a sheer short-sleeve and long-sleeve design—which continue to be popular for the brand.

Detwiler leaned into whimsy this season, like on his deadstock wool zip-up jacket, which he plastered with vintage travel patches. “I’ve amassed so many,” he said. “These are all patches from state parks around the U.S. I’ve found them at antique stores or flea markets.” Consider them like wearable postcards.



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