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Standouts in the Shadows ‒ Episode 13

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Most of this episode is just a series of fights Scenes, one after the other – that’s not complaining. Delta’s fight with Nelson is hilarious. He gloats about how easy it is to beat her, and Delta just keeps tearing apart his clone. It doesn’t matter to her that her mojo is so low that the best outfit she can make is a miniature bikini; she’s had fun tearing him to shreds countless times.

Although Delta has been a bit of a joke so far – almost Nothing more than yawning and killing things before she’s supposed to – and in this fight we see why she’s one of Nanakage’s. She’s their powerhouse, the one you call when you need to level a building or kill hundreds. You don’t call her for anything. You just let her sleep or do whatever she wants. Also, from her character, we get seven The first strength ranking shadow. Delta does not accept orders for Epsilon or Beta. She only listens to alphas (even in bloodthirsty situations). Given that Delta is a wolf (i.e. a pack animal), Alpha appears to be the Alpha of their pack of little wolves. That means, as powerful as the Delta is, the Alpha is even more powerful. Meanwhile, Beta and Epsilon are weak. On the other side of the story, we get Cid and his Fight first, a horde of zombies, and second, against the shadow of the hero Olivier himself. While the fights are fun and action-packed, what we learn from them is very important. Despite her compulsive lying and insults in his direction, Aurora really likes Cid. Not a background character, or the young man with whom she enjoys the adventure.

Now to be clear, by “like”, I’m not necessarily romantic the meaning of. She wasn’t obsessed with him like Rose or Beta. Instead, through our memories of her life, Aurora is always alone—whether in the lab or on the battlefield. But now, a thousand years after her death, when all that remains of her is broken memories, she’s not alone. She has someone who is willing to protect her and fight for her – even when it seems like he’s facing impossible odds. In short, she found her first friend.

To her, this is more important than anything else. She’ll even help the cult — the one she’s been fighting for a thousand years — to save his life. The memories she left with him were simply a gift worth more than anything else.

Also, this episode shows what she’s afraid of : Olivier. So far, nothing has phased her out. Even without magic, she and Cid fight off endless zombie hordes with just a few one-liners. But when Olivier arrives, we see her break down. She’s panicking – she’s pretty sure that neither she nor Cid stand a chance when fighting the hero. Frankly, the best part about this is that it enrages Cid. Before Olivier shows up, he promises Aurora that if they wait a few minutes, he will set her free. Seeing her suddenly suspect him under his skin in a way we haven’t seen before. After all, the key to becoming a “Shadow Lord” is to be much stronger than anyone else. To say he can’t beat Olivier is to say he’s not qualified to fight the ultimate goal of his life. It doesn’t matter if he has magic or not. If he can’t win this fight, he’s nothing. He’ll be damned if he lets that happen.


Random thought: • I didn’t expect them to draw this arc until episode 5, but I’m here for it.

• How little can Delta have on clothes?

• Cid apparently pushes down rather than up on the sword stone —even so, he almost broke the damn thing.

• In this episode we get to know more about Omega and Kai – This is the best fan service . They’re all mentioned in the books, but as far as I know, they’ve never been drawn before this anime.

• oops. Omega and Kai know the Epsilon’s secret. They won’t have a good time.

• Only one frame each, but nice to see Omega And Kay’s past before meeting Shadow.

• Can I just say I feel a bit robbed because we Didn’t get to watch Delta or Alpha fight Olivier? It’s good to know how they stack up to legendary heroes – and based on their performance, we can see how they stack up to the non-magic Cid.

• On the other hand, it is good to have clear intelligent characters Goals, don’t need to take reckless chances — especially when they’re already giving it their all.

• In this week’s Kage-Jitsu, Delta gets ripped Cracked!

is currently playing on HIDIVE.

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