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Standouts in the Shadows ‒ Episode 9

What do you think of Episode 9 of

Excellence in the Shadows ?

Community Rating: 4.3 This episode is the climax of the school terror attack arc. It has suspense and action, dogfights and one-on-one combat. But at the end of the day, it’s about answering one question, and one question only: Does Cid care about anyone he meets under cover?

Although it has been established that Cid is self-centered to the point of anti-reality (He regards the world and even human life as his own plaything), it can be seen that he cares about Alpha and the Seven Shadows. Not only does he believe they’re part of his sprawling pretend game, but he’s also bringing people into it he doesn’t know – and in this arc, we’ve seen how eager he is to kill anyone who tries to do it without him. The man who usurped his game agrees.

But in his secret identity as “background character Cid Kagenou” , he seems to see everyone around him as a set. He wasn’t really friends with Skel and Po, and was more than willing to kill Alexia when he thought she was using the Shadow Garden name to cover up her nightly murderous rampages.

Yet Shirley, we have an innocent—even though she There’s good reason not to after her mother’s murder. She is eager to support her ailing father and help the kingdom in any way she can. Once Cid learns the truth behind Sherry’s history — her adoptive father, Vice Principal Barnett, tortured and killed her mother for his own benefit — he’s forced to face a simple question: Does he care?

Although Cid mentioned this earlier in his conversation with Alexia A little, but he really cares about some things. He cuts out everything that most people care about—namely, ethics, morality, family, love—and only what is left becomes one with need. This obsession—this definite purpose—is at the core of Cid’s power, and everything he’s achieved. Every time he allows himself to care about something else, he tones it down a little.

and Cid replied that he didn’t know if he cared about Shirley’s Exploitation full of tragedy – and quite possibly telling the truth – his actions at the climax prove that he did. Cid kills Barnett the same way Barnett kills Sherry’s mother – making sure the dying man knows that’s exactly what he’s doing. Cid doesn’t revel in how bad his words are or how he lives his favorite tropes. No, he just killed the guy in one karma. When he realizes that Shirley witnessed the killing and doesn’t know that her father is the bad guy, Sid places the blame on himself instead of letting her know that her father doesn’t love her at all and is only interested in exploiting her mind.

Tragically, when I let myself care about her enough, To try and spare her pain, Cid sets up his own adversary – a man driven by her vengeance in the same way he is driven by his need. She is smarter than him, and can use artifacts to do things that even he can’t understand. Plus, she’s the perfect target for the cult to take in and give her everything she needs to kill the man who took her family away. After all, as they say, my enemy’s enemy is my friend. In the end, only one thing is certain: one day, Shirley will return, and she will be a threat Cid has never faced.


Random thought: • Anyone else initially thought that Nu was smashed by the flying object (instead of simply disappearing when the camera was blocked)?

• When Shirley finally returns, what will be more in her heart broken? Finding out that Cid is Shadow, her father killed her mother, or her father has been using her?

• It seems that Qiangwei has seen shadows…

• Gamma does almost nothing in this episode, just stands in a place – most likely she didn’t have the ‘faceplant and ruined everything.

• I don’t know if anyone in the cult has noticed that Shadow Garden is Exclusively female (except Cid).

• No Shadow Garden members appear to have been killed. I wonder if the same can be said for students.

• I wish we could see Rose’s reaction to finding out that Cid isn’t dead The reaction after all.

• It’s a shame that the Alpha was forced to realize that they Not good guys – they’re just powers that can destroy a cult because they don’t have to worry about the law or morals like the heroes.

• This week’s Shade shows us that Beast Kin does not Wearing underwear – this got me thinking: it’s because of where their tails are. You’ll have to buy low-back underwear specifically for the tail, or a girdle that rubs against the base of the tail all day long. no, thank you!

is currently playing on HIDIVE.

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