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Stanley Tucci shares his perfect martini recipe

During two seasons of CNN’s Stanley Tucci Searching for Italy , the actor traveled Across the country, discover hidden culinary gems in a variety of cultures and regional cuisines. While Tucci has long had a passion for food and drink, it may be matched only by his love of acting – he’s in 2012 and 2020 published two cookbooks*) and his memoir released last year was titled Taste: My Food Life – the experience of making a documentary series has only further deepened his love for Food obsession. The history and diversity of Italian cooking. “It confirms my belief that the regions of Italy are very different,” Tucci said. “If you go to Sardinia, then Piedmont, then Sicily, it’s like you’re in a different country and era. In the south, you’ll be influenced by Africa, the Middle East, and Greece, but in the north, you’ll be Influenced by Germanic and French.”

Before the holidays, then Vogue thought to ask Tucci for some information on what he was hosting The dos and don’ts at the holiday event are appropriate — more specifically, we want his take on how to make a classic cocktail. In 2020, you’ll remember him going viral in an Instagram video where he made the Negroni. “Some people were upset with the Negroni I made instead of on the rock, but I think it’s fine,” Tucci said of his unorthodox approach. “That’s how I like them: You’re not fighting in the ice like a seal.” This holiday season, however, Tucci’s drink of choice is a martini. Conveniently, he’s also now a brand partner for Tanqueray No. 10 Gin. “They came to me, how could I say no,” Tucci said.

For Tucci, the martini is popular not because of its high alcohol content, but because of the art involved in making it. “Part of that is ritual,” Tucci said. “You watch someone make a martini right, and it’s really beautiful. It’s ritual and elegant—it elevates a moment. Your whole day just gets better. It’s not wine, A big part of it is the gesture.” As Christmas approaches, you can see him making a martini or two at his home in London, and he plans to stay put and catch up on some R&R. “I like to spend Christmas at home,” Tucci said. “I love decorating the house with my kids. Christmas is about kids and seeing my older kids get excited about Christmas again because they have younger siblings – it’s the best thing. “

Below, find Tucci’s steps to make the perfect martini, just in time for the holidays.



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