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“PhotoVogue is the first platform of its kind for young talent and visual A platform that provides equal opportunity to artists from around the world while challenging the rules that have previously controlled entry into the fashion industry. We would like to thank the team and the wider PhotoVogue community for their continued enthusiasm for supporting each other’s projects while sharing valuable feedback The opportunity to shoot the cover of Vogue Italia proved to us that creativity and perseverance are two key ingredients to success in this industry.”

Vogue Greece, September 2019, Alessandra Ambrosio Photo by Sonia Szóstak


with Weronika’s Enchanted Garden,

2013 © Sonia Szóstak

Sonia Szóstak

“My experience at PhotoVogue Essential to my career. Since I participated in the exhibition “A Glimpse at PhotoVogue” at the 2013 Fondazione Sozzani in Corso Como, Milan, I started Leaning more towards fashion. I was in the early stages, studying cinematography. But the meeting with Alessia Glaviano was decisive, it helped me understand The potential of my fashion work, although my subjects were mainly female nudes.So I started working with multiple editions of Vogue, shooting my first covers, starting with the September issue of Vogue Poland and Vogue Greece. Since then, I’ve shot countless covers for various other editions of the magazine. Vogue was the first fashion magazine I worked with and it gave me the opportunity to grow.”




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