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Steelers announce first-round training camp roster cuts

  • NBC Sports’ ProFootball Talk

    Deshaun Watson’s disciplinary case still likely to settle

    Appellate Judge Peter Harvey continues to delay his decision in the Deshaun Watson case, apparently not because of his indecision or delay. Harvey is believed to be waiting to see if the league and Watson can reach a deal. We are told that the possibility of reconciliation remains. Currently, it can go either way. So [more]

  • Global News Agency

    From August 26th to 28th, Cornhole USA traveled to Iowa’s “Dreamland” for the $25,000 Cornhole Tournament

    DYLESVILLE, Iowa, Aug. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Last week, Dream Field hosted the most-watched annual show between the Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago Cubs Major League Baseball game. When the American Conhall Organization (ACO) travels to Dalesville, Iowa for the inaugural Go the Distance Film Festival August 26-28, the legendary film will host another unique event featuring the ACO Dream Team Invitational and ACO Corny 40 Classic. Weekend Included, Dream Team Invitational

  • Associated Press NFL looks like its old self entering the third season of the COVID-19 era

    Derrick Henry was seen jogging on the field with his daughter after practice. The Green Bay Packers once again borrowed children’s bikes to ride and practice. Yes, the NFL looks and behaves largely back to normal as it deals with the third season of COVID-19.
  • Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports

    When will Peter Harvey rule on Deshaun Watson?

    Twelve days ago, the NFL’s judgment against Judge Sue Robinson against DeShawn The Watson decision was appealed. The rules call for an expedited appeal process. Appellate officer Peter Harvey does not appear to be moving any faster at the moment. On Friday, just as momentum for the ruling was building, credible discussions of potential solutions [more]



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