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Steelers camp: Kenny Pickett wins Pittsburgh's annual home run derby


Latrobe, PA – Now is a great time to be Kenny Pickett. The Pittsburgh Steelers rookie quarterback threw a winning touchdown in his NFL debut with a victory in the team’s annual home run derby. The derby came after training at St Vincent’s Academy in Latrobe on Tuesday. Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin revealed the derby winner via his Instagram account. Steelers’ social media accounts also shared a video of Pickett playing in the derby. In addition to playing football and basketball, Pickett played baseball for three years while attending Ocean Town High School in Oakhurst, NJ.

Pickett has given Tomlin a lot of fun in recent weeks. A first-round pick has made steady progress this summer, including getting a decent amount of representation in Pittsburgh’s third-team offense. So far, the plan has worked, as Pickett is well-prepared for his first NFL game. He shot 13 of 15 against Seattle, including two touchdown passes in the Steelers’ 32-25 victory.

“I’m happy with the decision I made,” Pickett said of his NFL debut. “I thought I was playing fast. I hope I can get some balls back, but I thought it was a really good first game.”

Pickett builds on Saturday’s performance in practice on Tuesday . He hit the scores of Anthony McFarland and Conor Hayward at the start of the team’s seven-stroke practice. Pickett finished practice with a first-team attack in two minutes of training. His best finish in practice was a deep finish to George Pickens, who enjoyed a very successful rookie camp.

Pickett will be looking to increase his odds of getting to No. 2 on the depth chart Saturday night when the Steelers will Facing the Jacksonville Jaguars for their second game in three preseason games.



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