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Steelers' Presley Haven III drives golf swing into booming punt at training camp

Latrobe, Pa. — Of all the big names on the Steelers’ roster, the player who caused the biggest stir in the crowd at Pittsburgh’s final training camp practice was punter Presleyha Wen III. Haven, who is entering his second season with the Steelers, got the crowd on their feet after blasting a 60- to 70-yard punt.

Big tee shots are synonymous with Latrobe, and golf legend Arnold Palmer and his golf course Latrobe Country Club are on the way to training camp for the Steelers. On Thursday, just after the Steelers’ final day of training camp, Haven told CBS Sports that he and some of his teammates played a round on Arnold’s court during training camp.

“This is top golf out there,” Harvin said. “Arnold Palmer Sweet Tea from South Carolina, we had sweet tea every day. It was a great time.”

Haven, who has mostly stayed in Pittsburgh this past offseason, decided Try it out while golfing with Steelers captain snapper Christian Kuntz. Haven was mostly humble when asked about his abilities on the court, but he was very happy with one aspect of his game.

“Honestly, I can hit a 150-yard pitch,” he said. “The pitch is my favorite club.”

In addition to finding new ways to connect with his teammates, Haven said golf has helped him prepare for the upcoming season. Haven sees several similarities in what it takes to be successful on the field and in football.

“I think the biggest thing that helps me with betting is trying to find the same golf swing, and trying to find the same golf swing by betting,” he said. Come build muscle memory so that when you get into a game or court, it comes naturally to you.

” It goes hand in hand. A few weeks ago, I noticed in a movie that my legs were not straight up, but moved inward a little. Little things like this, you have to try and criticize yourself on a very small and tiny level. “

Haven said there were a few shots in golf that were similar to the punt Sunday execution he was asked about.

“It depends on where you are on the course.” part,” he said. “The open field definitely feels like a driver. A dog punt is like a plunge shot with a 60 wedge or something like that. … they do have a lot of correlation between them. “

Aside from golf, the 2020 Reggae Award winner has implemented things other than football into his offseason training program. Obviously, based on how he looked in training camp By now, what Harvin has implemented in his regiment is starting to pay off.

“This offseason, I just told myself that I need to find consistency on and off the court,” Ha Wen said. “My brain is fine, my spirit is good, my condition is good, I feel good, and my legs are always swinging. Just trying to find a consistent swing every time and let muscle memory work for me. ”

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The 2021 season will be both a physical and an emotional one for Harvin, who shares his p dealt with personal tragedy late , he lost two close family members in two weeks. Despite his personal test, Haven persevered, And arguably played his best game of the year in the wild-card round of the AFC playoffs. In the Steelers’ final game of the season, he played seven times, averaging nearly 50 yards.

Haven has lofty goals as he continues to prepare for the 2022 regular season. More importantly, he wants to help the Steelers return to the season for the third straight year Play my role in the playoffs.

“Every time I’m on the field, I want to put my defense in the best position, and whenever I have to go out and keep a shot, I’m going to put The three-point improvement,” Harvin said. “The personal thing is I want to be in the top five in the league on tennis courts this year, because tennis courts are where you win games. “



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