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Stella McCartney Resort 2024

When the press release says “Lady Garden,” you can only guess what Stella McCartney’s experience was like. Her self-referential Y2K moments in previous seasons have been popular with Gen Z. The early 2000 young woman swore by the Brazilians, but perhaps she has decided to embrace the pro-public attitude of New Youth? It’s not the subject of her Lady Garden, “but pubic hair is another topic that I’m obsessed with,” she admits during a video call from her west London studio.

The name of the collection – made from 90% eco-friendly materials – refers to a woman-centric way of dressing: women are Owning their own wardrobe; making them feel comfortable, sexy and empowered; and turning fashion into a women-driven support system. “It’s about having a group of people around you who let you be who you are. There’s something about this wardrobe that supports you and brings out the best in you. They comfort you and celebrate you,” says McCartney.

She turned that idea into a collection that accentuated the female figure by dramatically shaping otherwise simple dresses, or by exaggerating the curves of their cuts. Suits and blazers. Her ever Y2K ethos evokes a jersey bodysuit with a plunging V-neck plunging cut for an circa2003 music video, baggy jeans with crystal-encrusted star cutouts around the hipbones( A revived erogenous zone) and corsets McCartney still wants women to re-use.

believes that corsets are no longer suitable for women. Dialogue needs to be modernized. It’s about embracing the corset because you want to wear it and it’s not under 25 layers of fucking petticoats,” she laughs. McCartney tucks her hem into an oversized pair

A new floral print graphically visualizes the Lady Garden and hides hidden images in a sea of ​​flowers “No, they’re not vaginas. They are faces. It’s a bit of a nod to the surreal and has a light touch,” she said. The all-over denim print pays homage to the animals in Ms. McCartney’s garden, including small silhouettes of horses, which echoed her stunning show in Paris in March. Incredible Live Horse Show related.

It sums up the synergies — from horses to Y2K and female-driven heightened sensibility — that are really doing for Stella McCartney at the moment, while The series is easy to reflect. It works because it’s really her, she explained, pulling up a video on her phone. “It’s one of my proudest achievements: a pony Foal! Her name is Whistler,” she said, showing off her first horse on her farm in Gloucestershire, a two-week-old quarter horse whose legs would use several sky.



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