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Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel use movie, TV show analogy to make fun of Kevin McCarthy losing multiple speaker votes

The House remains without a speaker after Kevin McCarthy failed to win multiple votes for the leadership position, presiding late at night with Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel is thrilled.

“No one, really no one, I’m calling people who know what happened, no one knows what’s going on right now,” Colbert said Wednesday night on CBS ‘s Late Show on

Later, after a news clip of McCarthy saying he won’t be dropping out of the race, Colbert said, “Oh, Kevin, let it go. Don’t you know that dreams die sometimes? Except mine, you fail again and again!”

He went on to quip: “No one pinches me I don’t want to wake up, Mom. I don’t want to go to school today.”

On ABC’s

Jimmy Kimmel Live

, Kimmel said: “I have to admit, it’s fun to watch these animals stab each other in the back. It’s like house of cards, but everyone is Kevin Spacey.”

In fact, both Colbert and Kimmel draw on film and TV analogies to illustrate McCarthy’s plight, which Colbert calls “Sad-atar: The Way of Loser”, citing the hit movie Avatar: The Way of Water.

Colbert at

Willy The end of Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


“Who would have thought that a group of insurgent apologists would have a hard time justifying the vote,” Kimmel said. “I don’t know why he didn’t just declare his Won. Isn’t that the case at parties? “

Kimmel and

Seth Meyers brought Biden on board.

“The last time something like this happened was 85 years ago when I Will tell you one thing, Joe Biden fixed it then, and now he can fix it again,” Kimmel said.

Meanwhile, Meyers noted that Biden has no plans to intervene, “at least not until it stops being funny.

He continued to shoot at McCarthy’s lack of support, joking, “You can’t even have a red wave between you guys.” “

Meanwhile, Colbert responds to Fox News’ Sean Hannity asking about Roner Reagan “would have said” about the impasse, his impression of the former president waking from the dead: “Ah, where am I? It was all so dark for so long, and then these demons were yelling around me that you should tackle the AIDS crisis while you have the chance. Then I woke up suddenly. Mother! “


Tonight Show host continues to be funny Jimmy Fallon exaggerated the fact that Congress cannot start working until a Speaker is elected, saying it meant “there are no rules! ”

Fallon and around 14 Rockefeller runs the center building, drinks orange juice from a carton, pretends to hit someone, and rips off the tags on the mattress.

Late night hosts aren’t the only ones making fun of the overvote.


Veep Alumnus Julia Louis-Dreyfus posted on Instagram a photo of McCarthy addressing people in what looks like the House of Representatives, with the caption, “If we don’t win an Emmy for this episode of @ Award veephbo I’m leaving TV Academy. ”

Veep Writers David Mandel, Billy Kimball and Lou Morton are also involved. Showrunner Mandel on Twitter A letter ostensibly written by Jonah Ryan (Timothy Simons), the most deplorable character on HBO’s political comedy, was posted online, in which the former congressman and impeached vice president marketed himself as Speaker. Any concession anyone wants so I can get the job, no matter how humiliating it is,” he said. Among his list of reasons why he was a good fit for the job: “I see Top Gun: Maverick

17 times in the theater” and “I have COVID Second-rate. ”

and ex The Daily Show

2023 This is the best cspan season… ever.

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