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Stephen Colbert's TV adaptation of one of George RR Martin's favorite books

One of George RR Martin’s favorite fantasy novels may finally be adapted for television thanks to an unlikely ally – late night host Stephen Colbert .

Colbert’s production company, Spartina, has joined Skybound Entertainment and Vincent Newman Entertainment’s existing partnership to develop Roger Zelazny’s beloved The Amber Chronicles into a serial.

Martin – a close friend of Zelazny who died in 1995 – has stated in numerous interviews that these novels are worthy, most recently in In October, wrote on his blog , “I’m a fan of fantasy, and I wish there were more fantasy on TV… Most importantly, I Want Roger Zelazny’s Nine Princes of Amber . I’ll never understand why Corwin and his siblings don’t star in their own show. Hey, if epic Fantasy continues to do well, and maybe we’ll finally get there. Boys can dream.”

Although Martin wasn’t involved with the project, Colbert echoed his enthusiasm: “George RR Martin and I have similar dreams. Corwin’s story has been on my mind for 11 years and I’m excited to be working with Skybound and Vincent Newman to make these worlds Come to life. All roads lead to Amber, and I am so happy to be walking this path.”

The story tells of Corwin, “who wakes up on an Earth with no memory, but soon discovers that He is a royal prince with the ability to travel through different dimensions of reality (called “Shadows”) and rules over a real world, Amber. The story unfolds over ten books with two storylines: “Corwin Cycle” and “The Merlin Cycle”. The series has sold over fifteen million copies worldwide.

First published on 1995, The Chronicles of Amber has been on a long road to adaptation. Skybound on 1995 and Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman first started working on the series.

“Adapted I’ve been One of my favorite books in the series is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream,” added Skybound Entertainment CEO David Alpert. “To make it with someone like Steven Colbert, he was a True blues superfan, a thrill to me, and to anyone who’s ever heard Steph talk about fantasy. We can’t wait to share this amazing story with existing fans like us as well as the new generation of fans who will undoubtedly love Amber. ”

The production team will soon begin the search for a writer. No publisher has joined yet, but Spartina has a first-look agreement with CBS Studios.



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