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Steve Oh says 'Forever Fool' was 'a bit of a disappointment'

Steve-O is revealing why he thinks

Jackass Forever “a bit of a disappointment” despite being a box office hit.

During an interview with

NME, published online Friday, the writer and entertainer spoke openly about the 2022 movie, see Johnny Knoxville and his crew are back for another round of wild and dangerous stunts and comedy. But a scene in Knoxville in the latest movie changed Steve-O’s opinion.

“Watching Knoxville get shot in the head isn’t fun anymore,” he said of stunt performers and actors getting brain injuries after encountering one said in the scene. bull. “I wrote this to the cast that day, thanking Knoxville for his sacrifices for this franchise and imploring him to stop having brain trauma. This is one of my most serious and heartfelt messages.”

Last year, Knoxville told Entertainment Weekly After the incident, he was officially no longer running with the Bulls after he was rushed to the hospital with a concussion, brain hemorrhage, and broken wrists and ribs.

About him Steve-O said he even found some of the impressive stunts, which are credited to Jackass the last film in the series. He specifically recalls a scene with the “Bad Things” singer-rapper in which a giant foam hand crashes them into a swimming pool while riding a stationary bike.

“I love Machine Gun Kelly,” he explained. “I just wish the actual stunts we had him involved in were at a higher level. “

While this movie may not be Steve-O’s favorite in the entire series, Jackass Forever

still continues to earn $ million worldwide budget with a budget of million dollars. Critics also declared the latest film of the stunt troupe the best in the franchise’s history 1235085698. 1235085698



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