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Steven Soderbergh-Helmed's 'Full Circle' trailer teases botched kidnapping connection to Guyana

Max released the official teaser for the upcoming limited series directed by Steven Soderbergh The film Full Circle has a star-studded cast, including Claire Danes, Timothy Olyphant , Dennis Quaid , Zazy Bates , Jarrell Jerome and CCH Pounder.

Six – Episode Series premiering in July revolves around the investigation of a botched kidnapping, uncovering secrets and connecting people from different backgrounds and cultures in New York.

Trailer teases link between kidnapping and Guyana, Baez investigators question who called Dane and Oliphant Rich Whether the couple who kidnapped their son had a Guyanese accent.

The preview also shows Guyana’s CCH Pounder opening a piece of paper with family photos on it.

In a commentary on the loyalty and kidnapping-planning scene, including the siblings saying they plan to save the boy, Pound’s character says, “You do exactly what Do what I instruct you to do and balance will be restored.”

Meanwhile, Bates’ character insists that “they’re all hiding shit ’, and mused, ‘Your family and secrets? In the montage in the safe, Dane’s character is heard saying, “What we’ve done is wrong, and we’re in trouble now.” Pound’s character promises viewers at the end of the trailer: “Nobody knows the big picture, but you will.”


This series is based on the 550 page specification script by Ai De Solomon ( The Brilliant Adventures of Bill & Ted and Men in Black ) franchise) took two years to write, with Solomon, Soderbergh and Kathy Silver serving as executive producers.

The series marks the third collaboration between Soderbergh, Solomon and Silver; the trio also collaborated on the Mosaic , 281 Branch HBO Narrative Series mosaic , beginning with a 500 – Page Application Script. (Soderbergh is also the executive producer of Bill & Ted Face the Music.)

“Even by Ed’s standards, it’s a complex narrative that manages to be both kaleidoscopic,” Soderbergh said when ordering the play. Putting together a great cast and making sure we execute as well as the script should. ”

Full Circle will air two episodes a week, Until the finale in July .




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