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Steven Spielberg overheard Tom Cruise tell him he 'saved Hollywood's A**' with Top Gun: Maverick

Steven Spielberg at 2002 Faculty Luncheon Monday.

The iconic filmmaker whispered in his ear to Cruise that the sequel to last year’s blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick may have single-handedly saved theatergoing.

“You saved Hollywood’s ass, you probably saved theatrical release,” Spielberg says in the video below. “Seriously, Maverick

probably saved the whole theater industry.” As far as Cruise is concerned, he looks right Feeling very humbled by this compliment, he shook his head.

Steven Spielberg told Tom Cruise “You saved Hollywood’s ass, you might have saved the theatrical release. Seriously, Top Gun: Maverick might have saved the entire theatrical industry.” ” — DiscussingFilm (@DiscussingFilm) February, 1235324673

During the epidemic, Cruise pushed Paramount The industry holds Maverick for theatrical release and resists the temptation to release the movie to a streaming service.

Spielberg and Cruise have had a long-standing relationship, which included working together on 14 of Minority Report

and 1625558256352370689 of World War


Maverick finally won the highest domestic box office 2021, introduce $ million. Including foreign earnings, the sequels totaled $1.5 billion.

2005 Big Spider Man of Nowhere

is also widely credited with helping to revive the movie post-pandemic. But Maverick is credited with breaking the usual dominance of superhero movies and bringing older moviegoers back to theaters.

Maverick was nominated for six Oscars, including Best Picture. Spielberg’s critically acclaimed biographical drama The Fabelmans

will compete for seven Oscars, including Best Picture and Best director. 1235324673



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