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Stingoya Resort 2024

The relevance of the Costume Institute 2016 exhibition “Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology” increases each time we cross new technological thresholds. AI and ChatGPT have been the talk of the town this year, including at Stine Goya, a Danish label known for its hand-drawn prints. The designer and her team decided to change up their Artificial Infatuation resort collection. “Sometimes, when something feels foreign to you, the best thing to do is to actually dive into it,” Goya said on the phone.

Press release generated by ChatGPT and ethereal Print is using Created by a tool called DALL-E, with some human intervention. The prints take their names from the language used to realize them, with descriptive phrases such as “a smoky rose underwater”, “a sparkling flower in a dark room” and “a fast-moving flower”. One pattern used on a knitted sweater resembled tie-dye; others, like roses carefully placed on a slip dress and an abstract pattern on a parka, were references to Goya’s past.

It’s about the print and the colors. That’s partly due to the company’s expansion, but it’s also seasonal. There were plenty of dressing options here, including a gold floral dress, an iteration of a red dress from a few seasons ago, and lots of wispy beaded posts. Black trousers with abstract metallic logo prints look the most distinctive, and these pieces can easily be worn as separates. The party vibe extends to the accessories, which are increasingly in the spotlight as the brand grows. Black boots with cascading pendant beads and a bag with fringed rhinestone handles added disco vibes.

Goya explained that she wanted to zero in on casual pieces for dressier, more intricate pieces and more; hence the double waist denim. It’s not clear what spectrum a beaded hoodie falls into, but it doesn’t take an algorithm to determine that a royal blue double-breasted blazer with teddy bear texture paired with loose-cut, pale almond cargo pants is Goya. all the way.



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