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Stop doing side bends. Try these 3 oblique exercises.

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It’s time to face reality: are you Give Your Love Handle any love by doing side bends.

Somehow the side bend is still the exercise of choice you see on the floor of almost any commercial gym because people work out hard their oblique muscles. But when it comes to strengthening your abs or even contracting your lower back like some hope, side bends offer little or no core value.

So no matter how much burning you think you have, bend the dumbbell or plate from side to side a couple of times Inch hands (or sometimes both), it’s time to stop this pointless exercise of overestimation. Men’s Health Specialist Mathew Forzaglia, NFPT, CPT, Founder of Forzag Fitness and preview for Side Bends are Pointless and Potentially Dangerous | Men’s Health Muscle MH Fitness Director Ebenezer Samuel, CSCS both believe you are doing more than just wasting time – you could be putting yourself at a disadvantage.

“It’s one of those exercises you always ask yourself, ‘Why are they doing this?'” Forzalia said. “It’s just you One of those movements to see or do that doesn’t feel good for your spine. “

While it is difficult to justify doing so, there are many reasons to avoid side bends at all costs.

Why you need to stop and do side bends

  • Scoliosis puts your spine in a bad spot

      While the purpose of side bending is to move left and right while holding the weight, the end weight will move forward, pulling you out of alignment and forcing your shoulders to roll forward. After a shift, the load puts uncomfortable pressure on the lower back and can cause stress. “Once we finally pull forward, it happens What, our lower back is no longer in the traditional deadlift position, we’re good, strong, we’re all good, tight, but we’re not in that position,” Samuel said. “So it’s hard to find that kind of Stability, so you’re going to have a lot of chances of injury, it’s not really worth it. “

      Lateral bends end up working your glutes, not your obliques

      No matter how much we want to focus on the abs, the side bend will quickly become a hip-dominant exercise because if the side bend works as intended, Samuel says this exercise trains the reverse side bend (similar to the side plank). Yours The obliques resist lateral movement and push upward. Instead, most people allow their hips to do most of the work, which may open up some potential for injury.

      Sidebending shortens your time under tension

      1. Even if you do everything right, side bend Can only do very small movements – much less than other movements you can do. Scoliosis also becomes difficult to develop the thinking muscle connection with our abs and obliques. So, even at the best of times, the side bends Bends are also far less effective than many other exercises.

      3 Sidebend Alternatives to Train Your Obliques

      Palof Press

      3 sets of 8 to 10 reps on each side

      Palov presses are a more practical way to attack your abs and obliques. The focus here is on anti-rotation – focus on keeping the load on the chest Front instead of side-to-side rotation – but we’ll find it much easier to target and muscle groups than to pull sideways.

      • One-arm farmer carry (suitcase carry)

          preview for Side Bends are Pointless and Potentially Dangerous | Men’s Health Muscle 3 sets of 40 seconds marching on each side

          Fitness does not gain more function than carrying weights. Using only one arm to carry weights It really helps build your obliques – and you’ll get some good cardio with this exercise too. Think of holding a dumbbell or kettlebell as a mock exercise, simulating the bag of groceries you’ll take from the car to the kitchen after your workout.

      Elevated Windmill

      )3 sets, 4 to 6 reps on each side

      you You’ll get a lot of glute work through this highly technical exercise while adding overhead components and lots of body awareness. The overhead pinwheel acts on your hinge movement, which is a key component in activating your hips. As you descend, you also twist your torso — three planes of motion in one exercise. This is close to how you move in real life. Makes more sense than just bending left and right, don’t you think?

      Jeff Tomko is a freelance fitness writer , who has written for Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Fitness, and Men’s Health.

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