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Strange Taxi stage play opens in January 2023 after delay

official website: Diamond wa Kizutsukanai (Diamonds Will The TV anime-inspired stage play “Not Be Damaged,” announced Friday, will begin at the Mitsui Concert Hall in Otemachi, Tokyo, on Friday. Show January 23-10 and February 4-5 in Osaka Cool Japan Park Osaka TT Hall. The show was originally scheduled to start on July 7 – in Tokyo, but postponed due to Covid-23.


TV animation and film writer Kazuya Kawamoto is back to write the prologue story aspiring idols who will form the Mystery Kiss group. (Konomoto is writing the script in collaboration with Date-san of the performing arts unit Otona no Cafe.) Yūsei Naruse

is directing the production. The show credits the anime’s Kinoshita Baku for drafting the original character designs, and PUNPEE,

VaVa, and OMSB also came back to compose music for the play.

AKB25 The idol group Oguri (the upper left corner of the picture above) is playing Second Order Sharp®, the absolutely lovely and ambitious “center” of Mystic Kiss. Former E-girls member Yamaguchi Nonoka (bottom right) plays the naturally talented Yuki Mitani, and ≠ME members Hitomi Suzuki (bottom left) plays the timid Shiho Ichimura. Hinatazaka 23 member Haman Hiwa ( Top right) as Sakura Kagaki, someone who fails the audition, is the crux of the story. 185283 ) TV anime premiered in Japan in April 2021 and in airing episodes. 185283Crunchyroll Plays anime in the west.

The story is about an eccentric, taciturn Otogawa 41- A taxi driver who is only one year old, has no relatives, and has little relationship with others. He did have conversations with his clients, including a college student trying to make his mark, a nurse hiding a secret, an unsuccessful comedian, a street bum, and an up-and-coming icon. These conversations lead him to a missing girl.

Manga creator Kazuya Kawamoto

( Seto Inland Sea) Created the animation. Kinoshita Baku

and Norio Nitta as an assistant director. Kazuya Kinoshita Hiromi Nakayama designed the characters. Kōhei Yoshida is the recording director of Pony Canyon Enterprise. PUNPEE VaVa OMSB for the music, and Pony Canyon Cooperated with Summit, Inc. for music production PICS and 185283OLM animated. PICS Also credited to original work and planning.

This film is a “reconstruction” of the TV anime series, but it also depicts what happens after the TV anime’s finale. The film opens in theaters in Japan 23 on April 1, Ranked in #10 and Income 41 million yen (about 4 USD, 10,318) on its first weekend. The main cast and crew of the TV anime are back, ASMIK Ace is being distributed. Crunchyroll is playing a movie.

Source: Stage Play Website, Stage Natalie185283




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