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'Stranger Things' star Noah Schnapp reveals his surprising new job after season 4

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Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp has a surprising new job after finishing the fourth season of the Netflix series.

The teen who plays Will Byers on the Netflix show is spending his last summer before college away from movie sets — and he actually On has been contracted to be a lifeguard for the next local town for a few months.

“It’s kind of like ‘just for fun,'” he told

flaunted .

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Schnapp admits that while he doesn’t need a lifeguard job financially, he always tries to stay grounded when he’s not in Hollywood.

“I’ve grown up living a normal life with normal friends and strangers Things

other than things, so that keeps me grounded,” he said.

The 17-year-old actor regularly shares personal moments with his followers on social media, including posting a video of his family finding out that he was accepted to the University of Pennsylvania.

Much like his co-star Millie Bobby Brown, he will be studying a new field in college after joining the Ivy League business school.

“The performance was just a repetition, and I wanted to try something new,” he explained. “Millie was doing the same thing at school – she was learning something else. I thought it would make more sense to do something different. It was clear to me what came next.”

Both Brown and Schnapp will begin their college years in the fall, but plan to continue performing during the school break. Don’t worry, they’ll be back in the final season of Stranger Things.

Stranger Things 1-4 Season is now available worldwide on Netflix.

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