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Strawberry Prince Captain Qimori returns to the rivers and lakes

Official Blog of Network Music Unit Strawberry Prince (Sutopuri, or STPR) announced on Wednesday that the leader of the group, Nanamori. has resumed his personal career and work Personnel reach an agreement with other members.

Nanamori. reported that in his He has continued to support the organization behind the scenes during the hiatus. He said other group members told him they wanted him to stay in the group.

Nanamori. Indefinite break for 3 months14 Earlier this year, a YouTuber exposed his personal life, especially about extramarital affairs. Nanamori. confirmed on Twitter that he cheated on his partner that he had a child with another woman. He apologized for his actions, for not reporting the matter sooner, and for trying to withhold this information. He revealed that he is considering what his operations will be moving forward during his hiatus.

STPR employee Kikuchi also wrote a note on his unit’s employee blog, confirming the main points of the exposure about Nanamori. Directly.

Strawberry Prince is

(Yokai Gakuen Y: Encounters with N) and Japanese animation. Members of the group are also

Yokai Academy Strawberry Prince member Jel also indefinitely Discontinued, but for different reasons, in August.

Source: Strawberry Prince

‘s official blog, Oricon News from Otakomu




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