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Street Fighter 6 brings the 80s (and feet) back

Here comes some new challengers. At the end of EVO 2022’s Street Fighter V tournament, Capcom revealed two more characters will be on the roster for Street Fighter 6: Juri, the “I Can Fix Her” returning fighter, newcomer Kimberly, an ’80s-obsessed teen.

Brave new ninja Kimberly and sadistic thrill seeker Juri will be Join #StreetFighter6 in 2023! Spray cans, portable tape players and motorcycles have never been fresher. ️

— Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) August 8, 2022

A student of Guy and heir to the bushinryu tradition, Kimberly is energetic and colorful, and loves to spray paint her enemies during halftime. While Kimberly is still a teenager, and Street Fighter 6​​*) seems to be today, she’s fascinated by all things ’80s, and carrying some younger players around may not The tape player even recognizes it.

As Capcom realizes, in addition to the younger audience, there are some older street fighters Players rise from creaking knees and look at back pain in the 80s with fondness. In doing so, Kimberly is a gift, a reminder of simpler times. In other ways, she’s a pretty rude reminder that those happy days are way behind us, and that teens are adopting this aesthetic now because it’s quaint “retro.” Thanks, Capcom, for reminding me I’m old .

Accompanying Kimberly in the character reveal is Juri, first introduced in Street Fighter IV character of. Juri comes in gorgeous style, paying homage to the recently popular Akira slideshow as it is in Jordan Peele’s Nope. Juri seems more edgy than Kimberly, stepping barefoot on her foes in a way that makes Bob Odenkirk click “like”. It’s always neat when the company seems to embrace players’ desires for its characters.

We will have the opportunity to play in Street Fighter 6 in 2023 on Xbox, PC and launched on PlayStation.



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