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Striking writer impersonates 'Wednesday' star Jenna Ortega

Papapapa: Striking Hollywood writers are playfully poking fun at Wednesday star Jenna Ortega in an article about her Netflix After posting a controversial comment hit.

Ortega has garnered a ton of criticism and fans for her deadpan portrayal of OG goth girl Wednesday Adams , which previously made headlines for saying she helped improve the writing of her show.

“Jenna Ortega better be back from New York because she’s doing her afternoon shift on the picket line,” BoJack Horseman Writer Nick Adams tweeted earlier this week.

The Bear Writer Karen Joseph Adcock added , “Rewriting is writing! See you in line, Jenna.”

Then there’s This picket line sign is reportedly from House Party writer Brandon Cohen was spotted by Variety:” Jenna Ortega would have nothing to do without a writer!”

Some Ortega fans hit back on social media, calling her a sham with the actress. Unrelated union issues made the scapegoat.

Ortega’s comment is from the March episode of the Armchair Expert podcast She said : “There were a couple of times in that scene where I was almost unprofessional in a sense, and I was just starting to switch lines. The script supervisor thought I liked doing something, and then I have to sit down with the writers and they’re like ‘wait, what happened in this scene?’ And I have to explain why I can’t do certain things.”

She added, “I don’t think I’ve ever had to step on stage Wednesday . Everything she does, everything I have to play, is so true to her character It doesn’t make sense at all. It doesn’t make sense for her to be in a love triangle. There’s a line about the dress she has to wear to her school prom, where she says, “Gosh, I love it…uh, I can’t believe I’m saying that Yeah, I really hate myself. “I had to say ‘no’”

Ortega previously pointed out that her schedule on the show was very demanding as the actresses had to work -arrive-14 Hours per day for eight months of the eight-episode series. “I can’t sleep,” she told Variety. “I pulled my hair out. Too many FaceTime calls, my dad was crying hysterically.”

Wednesday has been renewed for a second season and Ortega is considered the frontrunner for an Emmy nomination for Best Actress .

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