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Studio 4°C Announces Original Animation Film “Future Kid”

Studio 4°C

announced Tuesday that it is working on a An original anime film provisionally titled Future Kid Takara. The film is part of a previously announced Kickstarter

campaign in partnership with JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) to co-produce with five animation studios New anime projects, including Studio 4°C . Studio 4°C posted four pictures to tease the project.

©Beyond C.future-kid-03future-kid-03

©Beyond C.

©Beyond C.future-kid-03future-kid-03 future-kid-01

©Beyond C.


The campaign will aim to crowdfund the pilot video and help build a fan community for fans to share about the project. Studio 4°C stated that the investment in the film is increasing steadily, but hopes to better convince investors through the pilot video. The Kickstarter campaign will be available here. Yuta Sano ( , ) is directing a video in Studio 4°C

. Shinji Kimura (art director, , ) is in charge of designing original characters and world view design. Author and climate documentary filmmaker Kyoko Gendatsu is the project advisor, and environmental scientist Seita Emori is the science advisor. Writer Yūya Takashima (, ) is the science fiction supervisor. Shun Hasegawa is animator and Eiko Tanaka

is the producer. The film will tackle the theme of global warming and Studio 4°C

Steps are being taken to reduce the carbon footprint of filmmaking. The studio cited the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Sixth Assessment Report, which found that averting warming of 1.5°C is only possible if the world takes swift and large-scale transformative action. Studio 4°C is planned at

, which it sees as an important moment in “the last chance to protect the planet.” Studio 4°C said it wanted to help people understand the crisis not through textbooks but through animated films.

This family-oriented adventure film takes place in a dystopian future and centers on a young boy named Takara. Sera, a girl from the present, travels through time and space to the past 333, she and Takara must fight against the impact of global warming on the earth. A future that wreaks havoc.

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