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Studio Ponoc Reveals Trailer, Main Cast for The Imaginary Anime Film (Updated)

Studio Ponoc began streaming a trailer on Monday for its anime film adaptation of A.F. Harrold and Emily Gravett’s novel.

Image via Comic Natalie

The film’s main cast includes: (from image above, from top left to bottom right)

  • Kokoro Terada as Rudger
  • Rio Suzuki as Amanda
  • Sakura Ando as Lizzie
  • Riisa Naka as Emily
  • Takayuki Yamada as Jinzan
  • Atsuko Takahata as Downbeat Grandma
  • Issey Ogata as Mr. Bunting

Studio Ponoc stated it will have more announcements soon for the film, including the English voice cast.


The film will open in Japan on December 15.

Studio Ponoc delayed the film last year from its original summer 2022 release date due to “new challenges” stemming from the film’s production methods and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The film’s title in Japan is (Rudger in the Attic).

Yoshiyuki Momose (“Life Ain’t Gonna Lose” short in Ponoc’s anime anthology, film, Ponoc’s Olympic Games short “”) is directing the film. Yoshiaki Nishimura — a producer on numerous Studio Ghibli films, as well as Ponoc films and — is producing the film.

-Bloomsbury Publishing released A.F. Harrold‘s original novel in 2001 with illustrations by Emily Gravett. The publisher describes the novel:

Rudger is Amanda Shuffleup’s imaginary friend. Nobody else can see Rudger–until the evil Mr. Bunting arrives at Amanda’s door. Mr. Bunting hunts imaginaries. Rumor has it that he even eats them. And now he’s found Rudger.

Soon Rudger is alone, and running for his imaginary life. He needs to find Amanda before Mr. Bunting catches him–and before Amanda forgets him and he fades away to nothing. But how can an unreal boy stand alone in the real world?

Sources: Studio Ponoc‘s YouTube channel, Comic Natalie



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