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StudioCanal CEO Anna Marsh named Deputy CEO of Canal+ Group

Anna Marsh has been appointed Deputy CEO of French pay-TV giant Canal+ Group.

APPOINTMENT Continues Marsh’s rapid rise in Vivendi film and television giants and joins its subsidiary StudioCanal was Head of International Sales and Managing Director of StudioCanal UK before being appointed as 2019 CEO. In February of this year, she was appointed to the Canal+ Group Management Board.

“I am delighted to announce the appointment of Anna Marsh as Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Canal+ Group,” said Maxime Saada, Chairman of the Executive Board of Canal+ Group. “Thanks to her and her team, StudioCanal now occupies a central position in the film and audiovisual industries. In 2022, in addition to further strengthening its presence in all regions, StudioCanal continues to Growth and growth, notably the acquisition of a majority stake in the Benelux of Dutch FilmWorks. Anna Marsh is an exceptional professional and a passionate individual, and the group is proud to count her as part of it. This appointment is yet another testament to the Canal+ Group’s confidence in her and her current horizontal role within the group.”

Canal+ recently signed deals with Universal and Sony to release new films to strengthen Its American film program production.



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